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? COLKERS married ?, children:

  1. Agnes Delphina Colkers  (b 1843, d 29 Mar 1923 Madras)

Next Generation

Agnes Delphina COLKERS, (b 1843, d 29 Mar 1923 Madras) in 1864 in Derbyshire, England married John Patrick FOX (b 1839, d 9 Feb 1882 Madras, age 43) (England and Wales Marriage Registration Index, 1837-2005. volume 7B Page 522 line 37) children:

  1. Clement Anthony Bede Fox (b 1875, d 1952)

  2. William Patrick Fox (b 1876)


info from  Yvette

? COLKERS married ??, children:

  1. Henry Colkers

Next Generation

Henry COLKERS married Delphina ADAMS. children: they had 4 sons & 2 daughters 






  6. Rose Angelina Colkers [dutch] dob 1847 

Next Generation

Rose Angelina COLKERS (Dutch, dob 1847) married @ St Johns Madras on 15/9/1862 Alfred Henry Octavius D'ARACHY [french] dob 1842, (baptised 25 March 1839, Madras). . they had 13 children - only 2 survived. My g/g/mother Letitia married Edward D'CRUZ.



(Info supplied by Gilbert Raymond )

? COLKERS married ??, children:

  1. John Valentino Colkers

Next Generation

John Valentino COLKERS married Augusta Eliza D'ARACHY on 26 November 1851.


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