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I am trying to find information on the families of Alexander Heywood GIBSON & Lena G Ballantyne of India. Any other Gibson or Ballantyne families would also be of interest to me. Skip Southam



info from Mark Sugden


Harry BALLANTYNE married ?, children:

  1. Robert Ronald BALLANTYNE (b 1892)

Next Generation

Robert Ronald BALLANTYNE (b 1892) at 23yrs on 5 Jan 1915 in Bhusawal married 23yr Mary Gertrude MAHONEY (b 1892 daughter of William Mahoney), children:

  1. William Henry Ballantyne (b 3 Sep 1915, c 9 Oct 1915 Bangalore)

  2. Elizabeth Jane Grace Ballantyne (b 1 Apr 1917 Bangalore)

  3. David George BALLANTYNE (b 7 Nov 1918 Bangalore)

  4. Evelyn Teresa Ballantyne (b 11 Apr 1921 Bhusawal)

  5. Dennis Bruce Ballantyne (b 12 Oct 1922, d 3 Aug 1924 Bhusawal)

  6. George Ronald Ballantyne (b 1925)

  7. Joan Amelia Ballantyne (b 29 Mar 1926 Bhusawal)

Next Generation

David George BALLANTYNE (b 1919) at 23yrs on 16 Feb 1942 in Jhansi married 18yr Thelma Winifred MILTON of Nagpur (b 1924 daughter of Ronald Ivan Milton)


George Ronald BALLANTYNE (b 1925) at 21yrs on 24 Apr 1946 in Bangalore married 21yr Grace Louisa WILSON (b 1925, daughter of Scott Archibald Wilson)


Joan Amelia BALLANTYNE in 1944, Bombay, married Ronald (Roy) Basil MITCHELL. Children:

  1. Lesley Larraine Mitchell (b1946)

  2. Robert George, b1950.


Alfred Edward BALLANTYNE married Roselina Deliana ?, children:

  1. Osborne Ballantyne (b 1897, d 13 Apr 1908 Calcutta)

  2. Stanley Ernest Ballantyne (b 16 Nov 1902 Dhurrumtollah)

  3. Cyril John Ballantyne (b 1904)

  4. Walter James Ballantyne (b 15 Dec 1909 Asansol)

Next Generation

Cyril John BALLANTYNE (b 1904) at 25yrs on 9 Apr 1929 in Asansol married 23yr widow Primrose Myrtle ALBERS nee DIAS (b 1906, d 25 Oct 1929 Asansol, daughter of Thomas Dias). Children:

  1. Muriel Margaret Ballantyne (b 12 Jan 1927, c 22 Feb 1927 Hooghly)



info from Karen Brookes

?? BALLANTYNE married ??, children:

  1. Shirley BALLANTYNE

Next Generation

Shirley BALLANTYNE married Claude BROOKES (both formerly of Asansol), Children:

  1. Karen Brookes

  2. Clive Brookes


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