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info from Paul McGinlay

VALLINT/MORRISON. I am looking for any info on these families who lived mainly in Calcutta.

?? VALLINT married ??, children:

  1. Frank Vallint (born 1862 Bermondsey, surrey)

Next Generation

Frank VALLINT (born 1862 Bermondsey, surrey) came over from England, married Jane Regina RODGERS in 1882 Calcutta. children -

  1. Helen Mabel ( Nellie ) Vallint
  2. James William Vallint
  3. Thomas Alfred Vallint
  4. Frederick Horace Vallint
  5. Albert Joseph Vallint
  6. Allan Burton Vallint
  7. Barry Stanford Vallint
  8. Clarence Bruce Beresford Vallint

Frank VALLINT married wife No 2 - Julia Ruth RODGERS 18.11.1898 Calcutta further children -

  1. Robert Wilfred Vallint
  2. Julia Rose Victoria Vallint
  3. Marie Beatrice Vallint
  4. Dorothy Esther Vallint
  5. John Arthur Vallint
  6. Zoe Ada Vallint

Next Generation


Barrie VALLINT married Ivy MORRISON

(Donald Morrison a mariner from Scotland  ended up in Simla Barracks, his son James, who ran the "running Room" in Howrah married Effie Simpson and had daughter Ida. remarried and had a further 4 children. Alan Vallint married Ida Morrison and Barrie Vallint married Ivy Morrison. any info would be welcome.)

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