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info from Bob Tennent &

?? SIMONS married ??, children:

  1. Adrienne Simons

Next Generation

Adrienne SIMONS (born on the 19th of Feb) on the 26th of October ? married Trevor TENNENT (born on the 29th of July ?)  children:

  1. Andrew Tennent born on the 20th of January
  2. Karen Tennent born on the 7th of March
  3. Mark Tennent born on the 17th of July
  4. Ian Tennent born on the 14th of October


info from Paul Simons and Greg SIMONS

?? SIMONS married ??, children:

  1. John Lane Simons

Next Generation

John Lane SIMONS married Mary THOMPSON in 1872 had one son:

  1. Dudley Simons.

Next Generation
Dudley AF SIMONS married Annie Alice TUNKS had 3 children:

  1. Cyril Simons

  2. Bertram John Thomas Simons (born 18/8/1905, d 1972)

  3. Elaine Simons

Next Generation
Cyril SIMONS married Florence HOLT had 9 children and settled in England.

Bertram John Thomas SIMONS (worked as a station master in a place called Tundla Pradesh, which is about 40 miles from  the Taj Mahal. He was brought to India by the British govt during the road and rail construction period first began. The grandparents lived in Calcutta from 1937-1949.) married Marjorie WALER (born 26/1/1912, d 1995) had 3 children and settled in New Zealand

Elaine SIMONS married Jim JARVIE and had one son born in Australia.


? SIMONS married ?, children:

  1. Cedric SIMONS (29/7/1924 Bombay)

Next Generation

Cedric SIMONS (29/7/1924 Bombay) married 31/1/1955 Marion BYRNE-QUINN (10/5/1931 Madura) : children :-

  1. Anna Maria Simons (1/12/1955 Bombay)

  2. Deborah Simons (27/4/1957 Madras)

  3. Beverly Simons (12/5/1958 Adipur Kutch)

  4. Marissa Simons (5/12/1959 Madras)

  5. Sharon Simons (8/6/1961 Madras)

  6. Lynley Simons (14/3/1968 Perth)

Next Generation


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