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info from Lawrence Charleston

Edwin RODRIGUEZ married Mercy GUTTERSON, children:

  1. Zena Bernice RODRIGUEZ (b 1902 - d 1984 Kharagpur -India

Next Generation

Zena Bernice RODRIGUEZ (b 1902 - d 1984 Kharagpur -India) married James Maxwell REID (b 1904 TRIVANDRUM- d 1982) on 04/02/1925 at St Francis de Sales, Nagpur, children:

  1. Yolanda REID (b12/11/1925)

  2. Dalmain Reid

  3. Douglas Reid

  4. Ellis Reid

  5. Celine Reid

  6. Patsy Reid

  7. Glen Reid

  8. Marshall Reid

  9. Noleen Reid

  10. Jocky Reid


info from Eunice Welsh

I am looking for old friends and also info to complete my family tree.  If anyone has any information on the Welsh family or D'Silva family (Bangalore, India) please email me. I moved to England in 1963.  I now live in Lawrenceville, NJ USA.

?? RODRIGUEZ married ??, children:

  1. Laura Rodriguez

Next Generation

Laura RODRIGUEZ married Claude WELSH    (1945)  


? RODRIGUEZ married (Puppy) TIMMINS, children:

  1. Michael Donald Timmins

  2. Ronald Aubrey Timmins


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