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I am writing to try and locate information on my fathers family who were in the Bombay and Poona area.  My grandmother Blanche Millicent Mc MULLEN was in the British army during the 2nd world war (her maiden name was Roderick which had been anglicised from Rodriguez) and my grandfather Frederick Mc MULLEN worked on the railways.  They had 8 children that survived, 5 sons & 3 daughters. 7 emigrated to UK in the late forties and early fifties and 1 remained in India as she had married an Indian man.  6 eventually emigrated to Australia and 5 survive. 


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married ??, children:

  1. Jennifer RODERICK (born 22/7/1955 Chakradharpur Bihar)

Next Generation

Jennifer RODERICK (born 22/7/1955 Chakradharpur Bihar) married Carlton Jude VANJOUR ((born 11/1/1952 Kharagpur)on 9th Oct 1972 at Christ the King Church, Chakradharpur,  Bihar, Children

  1. Clint Agnel Vanjour
  2. Leon Luke Vanjour
  3. Brett Jude Vanjour

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