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Balthazar RODE , born at Hamburg (arrived ?, living in Ceylon in 1739), died 4th February 1769, married 6th December 1739, Brigandia Elandia Verlangen. They had:-

  1. Josina Rode, baptised Kalutara ? November 1740.
  2. Hermanus Balthazar Rode, baptised Wolvendaal 3rd February 1743

Next Generation

Hermanus Balthazar Rode, married Florentina Koolhaas, died 24th January 1826. They had:-

  1. Johannes Jacobus Rode, baptised Tuticorin, India on 20th June 1773

Next Generation

Johannes Jacobus Rode, Proctor, baptised at Tuticorin, India on 20th June 1773, died 23rd November 1837, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal at the age of 28 years, on 9th July 1812 Anna Margarita Visser (20 years). They had:-

  1. Gerhardus Adolphus Rode, born 15th April 1813.
  2. Arnoldus Henricus Rode, born 21st December 1814.
  3. Merciana Wilhelmina Rode, born 19th June 1816.
  4. Willem Fredrik Rode, born 9th October 1818.
  5. Justinus Andreas Rode, born 27th November 1820.
  6. Johannes Martinus Rode, born 1st January 1823.
  7. Petronella Hermina Rode, born 30th September 1824.
  8. Catharina Fredrica Rode, born 12th March 1827.
  9. Petronella Theodora Rode, born 12th April 1829.
  10. Gerhardus Arnoldus Rode, born 3rd February 1832.

Next Generation

Justinus Andreas Rode, born 27th November 1820, died 27th June 1881, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 7th October 1847, Josephina Matilda Heyn, daughter of Hendrik Heyn and Carolina Fredericka Swartz, born 1st May 1826. They had:-

  1. John Charles Rode, born 18th July 1848.
  2. Josephina Matilda Rode, born 16th July 1849.
  3. Georgiana Maria Rode, born 9th July 1851.
  4. Martin Alexander Rode, born 29th May 1853.
  5. William Arthur Rode, born 30th May 1855.
  6. Peter Samuel Rode, born 2nd March 1857
  7. Alice Maria Rode, born 11th May 1859.
  8. Justin Archibald Rode, born 26th May 1861.
  9. Evelyn May Rode, born 7th September 1864.

Next Generation

Peter Samuel RODE, born 2nd March 1857, died 11th October 1916, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 15th July 1885, Mary Ann Ersina de Zilwa, daughter of William Gilbert de Zilwa and Caroline Piters. They had:-

  1. Luther Samuel Rode, born 25th May 1886.
  2. Donald William Rode, born 10th March 1887.
  3. Elizabeth Mary Ann Rode, born 12th May 1889.
  4. Bertram Clarence Rode, born 12th November 1891.
  5. Zita Amybel Rode, born 22nd November 1893.
  6. Nora Nesta Rode, born 10th February 1897
  7. Queenie Irene Rode, born 7th May 1899.
  8. Myra Leslie Rode, born 27th June 1901.
  9. Stanley Hamilton Rode, born 12th July 1903.
  10. Wilson Douglas Rode, born 25th July 1904.
  11. Edward Boyd Rode, born 19th October 1906.

Next Generation

Luther Samuel RODE, born 25th May 1886 married ??, children:

  1. Carlyle Angus Luther Rode -
  2. Marcia Laurette Rode
  3. Christine Jeanette Rode
  4. Michele Annette Rode
  5. Peter Van Keekan Rode
  6. Michael Angus Rode
  7. Damien Samuel Rode 
  8. Anabel Bernardette Rode
  9. Meritta Ninette Rode
  10. Therese Lynette Rode
  11. Noel Joseph Rode

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Nora Nesta RODE, born 10th February 1897, Colombo, Ceylon, died 29th July 1991, Melbourne, Australia, married at St Luke's Church, Borella, Colombo, in 1930 -1932 (?) Roy George DUNSFORD, son of George Dunsford and Joselin Markus. (They migrated to Melbourne, Australia in January 1969) They had:-

  1. Lorna Anne Elizabeth Dunsford, born 29th July 1933.
  2. Estelle Rita Dunsford (Robyn), died during infancy.
  3. Rosemary Dunsford, died during infancy.
  4. Esther Margaret Primrose Dunsford, born 14th June 1939,

Next Generation

Carlyle Angus Luther Rode  Married Noeline Veirya (Ceylon) Sri Lanka, Had three children,

  1. Lucian Carlyle - Married Gabrielle Carey, children: Kelly,    Kathleen,   Leesa,  Christopher,

Marcia Laurette Rode Married Jerome HOLMES, children:  

  1. Jason Holmes   
  2. Simone Holmes

Christine Jeanette Rode Married Lawrence JONES, Migrated to Australia in the late '50's early'60's.. children:   

  1. Benjamin,   
  2. Timothy.

Michele Annette Rode Married Allan Jeffries, children:   

  1. Mark,   
  2. Mathew,  
  3. Patricia Junette -

Peter Van Keekan Rode married ??, children:  

  1. Andrew,   
  2. David,    
  3. Emily.

Michael Angus Rode married ?,  children:

  1. Aaron,  
  2. Sean.

Anabel Bernardette Rode married ??, children:  

  1. Aleecia,  
  2. Malina,  
  3. Wade,  
  4. Lynn

Meritta Ninette Rode Married David Patterson, children:  

  1. Jack  
  2. Samuel

Therese Lynette Rode Married Matthew Ridgeway, children:  

  1. Chloe Lisette

Noel Joseph Rode Married Anne Leou, children:  

  1. Dominic


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