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"The Service I Render Others Is The Rent  I Pay For My Space On Earth

Roy George Dunsford, born 17th April 1904 in Ceylon, died 11th June 1972, in Melbourne, married at St Luke's Church, Borella, Colombo, Ceylon (either 1931 or 1932), Nora Nesta RODE, born 10th February 1897 in Colombo, Ceylon, died 29th July 1991 in Melbourne. (They migrated to Melbourne, Australia in January 1969) They had:-

1. Lorna Anne Elizabeth, born 29th July 1933

2. Estelle Rita (Robyn), died young

3. Rosemary, died young

4. Esther Margaret Primrose, born 14th June 1939, Colombo, Ceylon (who follows under III)

Next Generation

Esther Margaret Primrose Dunsford, born 14th June 1939, Colombo, Ceylon, married at All Saints Church, Borella, Colombo, Ceylon on 18th January 1964, Randolph Johnny Victor MELDER , son of Randolph Joseph Churchill Griffith Melder and Phyllis Dagmar Bulner. (They migrated to Melbourne, Australia on March 13, 1968) They had:-

1. Frances Therese Geralyn, born 29th October 1965, Galle, Ceylon (arrived Melbourne, Australia 13 March 1968), married at The Pioneer Women’s Gardens, Melbourne on 29 October 1994, Cihan Yucedag, son of Ismail and Neyime Yucedag of Glenroy, Melbourne.

2. Richard Vivian Gerard, born 2nd October 1967, Galle, Ceylon, (who follows under IV)

3. Dianne Carol Rita, born 30th August 1970, Preston, Melbourne, married at St Nektarios, Greek Orthodox Church, Fawkner, Melbourne on 1 November 1997, John Vlahiotis, son of Nick Vlahiotis and Koula Kyriakidis, of Merlynston, Melbourne

4. Keith Jerome, born 4th October 1971, Preston, Melbourne.

5. Glen Paul, born 22nd October 1978, Essendon, Melbourne.

Next Generation

Richard Vivian Gerard MELDER , born 2nd October 1967, Galle, Ceylon (arrived Melbourne, Australia 13 March 1968), married at St Vincent De Paul's Church, Strathmore, Melbourne on 21st September 1991, Jenny Lynn Nott, daughter of John David Nott and Diana Mary Forrest, of Strathmore, Melbourne. They had:-

1. Madeleine Victoria, born 11th July 1992, Liverpool, NSW.

2. Felix, born 5th November 1998, Carlton, Victoria.

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