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Joseph QUIEROS (b ??) married 1783 Theresa Le BLANC.  Children:

  1. Joseph QUIEROS (b 1788, India)

  2. Theresa QUIEROS (b ?, India)

  3. Mary QUIEROS (b ?, India)

  4. Fanny QUIEROS (b ?, India)

  5. Claude Martin QUIEROS (b 1792, India)

  6. Ann Cordelia QUIEROS (b 10.7.1796, India)

  7. Emily Mary QUIEROS (b ?, India)

  8. Felix John QUIEROS (b 20.7.1811, India)

Next Generation

Joseph QUIEROS (b 1788, India) married 17.2.1816 Rosalia VRIGNON.  d 15.3.1824 at Lucknow.

Theresa QUIEROS (b ?, India) married 21.12.1811 Colonel Joseph NESBITT at Cawnpore.  d 4.1.1831 at Bath.

Mary QUIEROS (b ?, India) married 21.12.1811 Monsieur Peter de Verinne

Fanny QUIEROS (b ?, India) married Major WALLACE

Claude Martin QUIEROS (b 1792, India) married Mary ??.  d 2.8.1843 at Calcutta. Children:

  1. Palmer Hayes QUIEROS (b 1820, Fort William, Calcutta)

  2. Rosalie Mary

Ann Cordelia QUIEROS (b 10.7.1796, India) married 28.3.1815 Colonel Wredenhall Robert POGSON at Cawnpore.  Died 3.12.1866 at Ambala

Emily Mary QUIEROS (b ?, India) married 6.11.1822 Major Rowland Cotton DICKSON at Cawnpore

Felix John QUIEROS (b 20.7.1811, India) married (1) 5.1.1832 Margaret MILLER.  Married (2) 23.5.1855 Mary Louisa JONES.  d 22.5.1893 at Mussourie.  Children:

  1. Felix John QUIEROS (born 31.8.1833, Calcutta)

  2. Julia Margaret QUIEROS (born 8.8.1835)

  3. Edward Arthur QUIEROS (born 10.5.1837, Calcutta)

  4. Gerald Ross QUIEROS (born 7.2.1839, Calcutta)

  5. Alfred Adolphus QUIEROS (born 17.6.1841)

  6. Joseph Malachi QUIEROS (born 6.6.1845, Kuttelah)

  7. Oscar Philip QUIEROS (born 6.12.1858)

Next Generation

Edward Arthur QUIEROS (b. 10/5/1857, Calcutta) at Lucknow 31/1/1860 married Nelly SHORT (b. 1/7/1842, Lucknow d. 1/10/1906, Lucknow) .  Children:

1.  Isabella J.E. Quieros (b. 25/11/1860)

2.  Alban Augustus Quieros (b. 27/12/1861, Lucknow)

3.  Victoria Georgiana Quieros (b. 13/9/1863, Lucknow)

4.  Charles Edward Quieros (b. 2/10/1864, Lucknow)

5.  Ernest Georgius Quieros (b. 17/5/1866, Lucknow)

6.  Eveline Blanche Quieros (b. 18/7/1870, Lucknow)

7.  Louisa Mary Quieros (b. 24/3/1873, Lucknow)

8.  William Joseph Quieros (b. 18/5/1875, Lucknow)

9.  Julia Celestina Quieros (b. 30/1/1877, Lucknow)

10.  Ethel Florence Quieros (b. 24/8/1880, Lucknow)

11.  Claude Adolphus Stanley Quieros (b. 30/9/1881, Lucknow)

12.  Winifred Nelly Quieros (b. 8/2/1883, Lucknow)

13.  Vivian Oscar John Quieros (b. 13/2/1887, Lucknow)


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