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info from Christine Pauchard

?? PAUCHARD married ??, children:

  1. William Douglas Pauchard (b ??)

Next Generation

William Douglas Pauchard married Gladys ???,children

  1. Edward Pauchard

  2. Violet Pauchard

  3. Patrick Pauchard

  4. Marie Pauchard

Next Generation

Violet Pauchard married Edward BURNETTE, children

  1. Douglas Burnette married Joyce ?????? have 4 children

  2. Arthur Burnette married Jacqueline Langham, children: Albert Burnette, Jean Burnette

  3. Norman Burnette married ???????,children, Mark Burnette, Angela Burnette

  4. Thomas Burnette

Patrick Pauchard married Hazel JONES , Children,:

  1. David Pauchard

  2. Keith Pauchard

  3. Christine Pauchard

Marie Pauchard married Raymond DAVIDS, Children

  1. Jean Davids

  2. Peter Davids married Venesia D'Rozario,children, Rodella Davids, Rumella Davids, Marcello Davids

  3. Rudolph Davids married Jeniffer Carr,children, Roger Davids(late), Roy Davids, Jude Davids

  4. Derrick Davids married Lorraine Fleury,children, Desmond Davids, Luke Davids,

  5. Ann Davids married ?????? have 3 children

  6. Linda Davids married Neil Joseph children, Shaun Joseph

  7. Michael Davids married Preethi

Next Generation

David Pauchard married Finella KOLB, Children:

  1. Tracey Pauchard

Keith Pauchard married Vanessa POWELL, Children:

  1. Brandon Pauchard

  2. Samantha Pauchard,

Christine PAUCHARD (born 30/8/1969, Kolar Gold Fields, India) married Paul D'ROZARIO (b1967 Kolar Gold Fields, India) on 9/1/1999 at St. Paul's Church, Marikuppam, Kolar Gold Fields. Children:

  1. Rochelle D'Rozario (b2000,Bangalore)


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