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I hope someone can help me please. I am trying to get a copy of my mother’s birth/baptism certificate. Patricia Valencia O’NEAL was born in born Gangapur City in Aug 1926/27. She was from an English/Irish/Catholic family. I have tried getting information from various family history web sites, embassies, British Library Asian & African Studies section, etc with no luck. It was suggested that I “.....write to the ecclesiastical authorities requesting them to send a copy of her entry to the British Library, on receipt of which we can formally enter it in our records and issue you with a certified copy. Gangapur is unlikely to have more than one Catholic church......”. Trouble is I don’t know who to write to and if there was more than one church in the area. Can anyone give me some advice or point me in the right direction pls – who to contact, contact details, etc?

My email is supanova03@optusnet.com.au


? O'NEAL married ??, children:

  1. Patricia Valencia O’NEAL (born Gangapur City in Aug 1926/27).


Patricia Valencia O’NEAL (born Gangapur City in Aug 1926/27)  married ??, children:

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