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info from Donald James Lloyd
Facility Manager, Mustard Seed Street Ministry
102 11Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 0X5, phone: (403) 269-1319 ext.218, fax: (403) 237-5296, cell: (403) 371-5493

Pauline Emily NAGLE married Walter Vernon Alexander LLOYD (previously FONCECA) of the Indian Air Force (Ret) Children:

  1. Donna Barbara Lloyd, married Keith Manchanda of the Royal Navy. Children: Natasha Manchanda and Sian Manchanda.
  2. Donald James Lloyd married Sophia Puig of Spain. Children: Daniel Raphael Lloyd (born 21/10/1982. Middlesex, London) and Matthew Lloyd (born 16/04/1985, Middlesex, London).
  3. Sophy FONCECA

  4. Machandra Keith FONCECA

(Walter Vernon Alexander Lloyd retired from the IAF and settled in the UK. Died in 1978. He is survived by his wife Pauline Emily Lloyd living in the UK and Donna Barbara Lloyd living in the UK and Donald James Lloyd living in Alberta Canada. )


info from Beverly Miller (nee Reid) & Justin Nagle <>

Ernest NAGLE married  Alice REID children:

  1. Llewellyn Nagle
  2. Veronica Nagle

Next Generation

Llewellyn NAGLE married Evelyn SMITH - children

1. Justin Conrad Nagle
2. Ian Craig Nagle
3. Brett A;astair Nagle

Next Generation

Justin Conrad NAGLE married Vanessa Verina FRANSWAH ( from Kharagpur)

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