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Information supplied by Noel Murphy.


John MURPHY (b.1809 Glinn, Ireland d. 29/1/1883 Pallavaram, Madras) widowed at 34yrs married widow Elizabeth FOLEY on 28/2/1843, St Thomas Mount. Children:

  1. William MURPHY b.11/12/1843,

  2. James MURPHY b.14/8/1845,

  3. Edward MURPHY b.14/9/1847,

  4. Daniel MURPHY b.17/07/1849,

  5. Joseph MURPHY b.30/4/1851,

  6. John MURPHY b.04/03/1853,

  7. Francis MURPHY b.27/03/1855.

Next Generation

Francis MURPHY (b.27/03/1855 d. 25/01/29) married Margaret Louisa BURKE at Madras. Children:

  1. Francis Patrick Murphy b.12/12/1883,

  2. Joseph,

  3. Edmund,

  4. Ida,

  5. Millicent.

(Francis and Edmund joined Telegraphs from Lovedale School, Joseph recruited Dorset regiment & transferred to South Staffords., Millicent married a HARTMAN.


Next Generation

Francis Patrick MURPHY (b.12/12/1883 d.01/01/1957) married Sarah Matilda O’Driscoll on 09/09/1905, Calcutta. Children:

  1. Hubert Russell b.19/07/1906 d.09/01/1981,

  2. Sarah Adelaide b.22.11.1907 d. 16.12.1984,

  3. Patrick Dennis b.15/04/1909 d.13/04/1986,

  4. Norah b.24.05.1919.

Francis Patrick MURPHY (b.12.12.1883 d.01/01/1957) widowed, 2nd marriage at 44yrs to 24yr Kathleen Mary Macklin GREENE (b 27 Nov 1904, Tanuggyl, India,  daughter of Andrew Earnest Francis and Minnie Violet Greene)) on 15/02/1928, Rangoon. Children

  1. Colin Lawrence Murphy b.04/10/1928 d. 23/08/1988,

  2. Edmund Trevor (Teddy) Murphy b.19/12/1930,

  3. Noel Clifford Murphy b.02/04/1933 Ireland),

  4. Patricia Kay Murphy b.17.01.1938 d. 03/05/1940.

Next Generation

Colin Lawrence MURPHY b.04/10/1928 d. 23/08/1988 married Joyce Maud Bennett at Birmingham. Children:

  1. Wendy Margaret Macklin b.15/08/1956,

  2. David Charles Macklin b.15/05/1965

Edmund Trevor MURPHY (Teddy) b.19/12/1930 married Margaret Mary Flannery at Birmingham. Children:

  1. Mitchell Stanley 02/12/1958.

Noel Clifford MURPHY b.02/04/1933 married Honor Geraldine Laura Wynne on 28/07/1954, Haslemere, Surrey. Children:

  1. Ronald Clifford Murphy b.15/03/1955,

  2. Clifford Edward Murphy b. 24/02/1959.

Noel Clifford MURPHY b.02/04/1933 2nd marriage to Rita Ann Witte, Dewsbury, Yorkshire on 14/11/1970. Children:

  1. Rachel Ann Murphy b. 08/06/1974,

  2. Sarah Ann Murphy (b.24/04/1977, d 17/9/2014.)

Noel Clifford MURPHY b.02/04/1933 3rd marriage to Evelyn Joyce Sheasby on 02/04/1994 at Daventry, Northants.


Next Generation

Wendy Margaret Macklin MURPHY b.15/08/1956 married Peter Thomas Butler at Birmingham. Children:

  1. Celia Amy Macklin b.29.01.1985,

  2. Patrick Thomas Mackin b. 05/03/1988.

Mitchell Stanley MURPHY b.02/12/1958 married ?. Children:

  1. Jimmy,

  2. Jake,

  3. John.

Ronald Clifford MURPHY ( b. 15/03/1955) married Jane Ann HALPERN at New York City on 20/10/2018


Clifford Edward MURPHY b.24/02/1959 married Kim Louise Harrison on 28.12.1996. Children:

  1. Joseph Edward b.02/03/1998,

  2. Luke Harrison b.28.05.2000.

Rachel Ann MURPHY b.08/06/1974 married Clifford Scott EDMONDS at Northampton. Children:

  1. Jessica Ann b.12.12.1994,

  2. Harrison Scott b.03/04/1997.

Rachel Ann MURPHY b. 08/06/1974 2nd marriage to Neil Wakefield on 14/04/2003 at Runaway Bay, Jamaica.


Sarah Ann MURPHY (b.24/041977, d 17/9/2014) married Jamie Alain George FINN at Richmondshire on 07/04/200. Children:

  1. Jamie Patrick Noel  b.30.03.2007

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