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?? MOSS married ??, children:

  1. Mark Moss

Next Generation

Mark Moss married Sarah ?, children:

  1. Henry Moss (b 15 Oct 1826 Fort William)


?? MOSS married ??, children:

  1. James Moss

Next Generation

James MOSS married Ellen ?, children:

  1. Charles George Moss (b 5 Dec 1842 Calcutta, d 19 Mar 1844 Fort William Bengal))


?? MOSS married ??, children:

  1. Charles Prince Rudolph Moss

Next Generation

Charles Prince Rudolph MOSS married Anne ?, children:

  1. Charles William Moss (c 28 Oct 1857)

  2. George Prince Moss (b 21 Sep 1863 Simla, d 8 Jan 1927 Assam age 68)

Next Generation

George Prince MOSS (b 21 Sep 1863 Simla, d 8 Jan 1927 Assam age 68) at 22yrs on 19 Aug 1885 in Lahore married 24yr Esther Matilda CARZIN (daughter of James Ferguson Carzin), children:

  1. Horace St Elms Cargin Moss (b 16 Oct 1886 Lahore)

  2. Maud Gladys Cargin Moss (b 1893)

Next Generation

Horace St Elms Cargin MOSS (b 16 Oct 1886 Lahore) at 31yrs on 15 Nov 1917 at Barrackpore married 24yr Norah May MATTHEWS (b 1893, daughter of Edward John Matthews)


Maud Gladys Cargin MOSS (b 1893) at 25yrs on 15 Oct 1918 in Calcutta married 23yrs Clarence James WALKER (b 1895, son of Edward Bower Walker)




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?? MOSS married ??, children:

  1. B H Moss

Next Generation

B H MOSS , assistant engineer, Simla married A.W ??(d 6 May 1912 Simla, India), children:


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William Robert MOSS (born 1876 in the town of Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK) married Julia McNellie (McNelly). William was in the 1st. Battalion of  THE ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT OF FOOT. He served for about 11 years in India where he died. Any information about Julia or her family (McNellie) or of William & his parents B.D.M. etc. would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks, Stephen

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