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?? MISQUITA married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Percival Misquita, (Born on 26 Sep 1882. Thomas Percival died on 8 Nov 1948, he was 66.)

Next Generation

Thomas Percival Misquita (Born on 26 Sep 1882. Thomas Percival died on 8 Nov 1948, he was 66.)  on 10 Jun 1914 when she was 22,  he married, in Bangalore, India, Miriam Eleanor AITKINS (Born on 9 Sep 1891. Miriam Eleanor died on 13 Jun 1962, she was 70.) They had the following children:

  1. Doreen Mavis Misquita (1915-2002)
  2. Edward Lancelot Percival Misquita (1916-1986)
  3. Ailsa Ruth Aitkins Misquita (1919-)

Next Generation

Doreen Mavis MISQUITA. Born on 16 Jul 1915 in Bangalore, India. Doreen Mavis died in Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent on 6 Nov 2002, she was 87. On 3 Apr 1940 when Doreen Mavis was 24, she married Radford Percy Hughes Roderiques, in Rangoon, Burma. Born on 12 Nov 1912 in Rangoon, Burma. Radford Percy Hughes died in Kennington, Ashford, Kent, England on 14 Nov 1996, he was 84. They had one child:

  1. Jill Wendy Nita (1942-)

Edward Lancelot Percival Misquita. Born on 25 Sep 1916 in Bangalore, India. Edward Lancelot Percival died in Reading, Berkshire, England on 1 Jul 1986, he was 69. On 20 Feb 1943 when Edward Lancelot Percival was 26, he married Patricia Joy STEVENS, in Calcutta, India. Born on 4 Feb 1921 in Rangoon, Burma. They had the following children:

  1. Joy Alison (1944-)
  2. Penelope June (1951-)

Ailsa Ruth Aitkins Misquita (Born on 30 Oct 1919 in Moulmein, Burma.) On 27 Dec 1941 when Ailsa Ruth Aitkins was 23, she married Cyril Duncan SECLUNA, in Rangoon, Burma. Born on 5 Aug 1916 in Rangoon, Burma. Cyril Duncan died in Bromborough, Cheshire on 1 Oct 1977, he was 61. They had the following children:

  1. Janet Eleanor Lochain Secluna (b 10/3//1943) married Michael Wendell Thomas ( born 20th Sept. 1943 in Cardiff, S. Wales) in Victoria, W. Cameroon, W. Africa on 14th April 1967, in St. Joseph's College, Sasse, W.Cameroon.
  2. Duncan Peter Mansell Aitkins Secluna (b 21/7/1945 Jubbulpore, India) married Marian Wiley Morton( born 21st Oct. 1946 in Scotland?) in Bromley, Kent  on 24th August 1968.
  3. Alison Carol Ann Secluna (b14/5/1948, Rangoon, Burma) married Philip Mundy in Cwmbran, S. Wales 10th May1969.
  4. Thomas Rory Scott Secluna (born 9th Nov. 1950  in Chauk, Burma died 8th February 1953 in Chauk, Burma)
  5. Fiona Elizabeth Doreen Secluna (b1/2/1954 London) married Gordon Lane 20th August 1976 in Bromborough, Cheshire, England died 24th March 2000 in Toronto, Canada
  6. Lindsay Francesca Secluna (b 24/7/1959 Bebington, Cheshire) married Stephen Dreyer on 28th August 1982.

                  (info from Janet Eleanor Lochain Secluna Thomas jelthomas@btinternet.com )


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