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  1. Charlotte H MIDDLECOAT born Madras,

  2. Francis Samuel MIDDLECOAT born 1870 in Trichinopoly,

  3. Mary C MIDDLECOAT born Palamcottah, India,

  4. Lucy H F MIDDLECOAT born abt 1876 Bangalore,

  5. Winfred Y MIDDLECOAT born Bangalore India 1878,

  6. Harriet M L MIDDLECOAT born Madras India 1882


Hi!, My name is Neville Middlecoat. I currently live in Perth with my wife and 3 yr old son. Originally from Bombay I moved to Perth to complete my studies about 2 yrs ago. I am looking for my step-sister from my dads first marriage. Her name was Carol Middlecoat before I heard she got married. she was either in Mhow or Gangapur or Rajasthan. Sorry i know there is not much to go on, but I've been trying to get in touch with her and none of my family members have any info on where she may be or she she married. If ANYONE has any info, please email me at middlecoatneville@gmail.com  Thanx a mill. Neville M.


?? MIDDLECOAT married ??, children:

  1. Carol Middlecoat

?? MIDDLECOAT (his second marriage) married ??, children:

  1. Neville Middlecoat


info from erichmond@eastlink.ca,  cilla_o@hotmail.com (I found the following family of Middlecoat's which I know are correct at the British Library in London. If anyone has any additional information on any of these people I would love to hear from you. Regards Cilla O'Hanlon,  Submitted 7th Jan. 2005) and Edith Middlecoat  emiddlecoat@mvionline.ca (I'm a descendant (grandchild) of Arthur Middlecoat and Minnie Fenton. Any other information in regards to the union of George Middlecoat and Lydia. email at emiddlecoat@mvionline.ca

?? MIDDLECOAT married Matilda Ann STATHAM. children:

  1. George Statham MIDDLECOAT

Next Generation

George Statham MIDDLECOAT married Lydia?, children:

  1. Walter Middlecoat who married Lettie Haller.

  2. William Middlecoat

  3. Ada Middlecoat married George Cornwall (I think he was from Scotland. He went out to India with the 10th Hussars)

  4. Arthur Middlecoat

  5. Mabel Middlecoat married Edgar William Glover, my Grandparents.

  6. Dephine Middlecoat

  7. Amelia Middlecoat (Amy) married Robert Montgomery

  8. Percival Middlecoat married Daisy E Clarke (Renaux)

Next Generation

Ada MIDDLECOAT married George CORNWALL who was in the 10th Hussars. George was from somewhere in Scotland

Arthur Middlecoat married Minnie FENTON, They had 7 children and is as follows:

  1. Eileen Middlecoat

  2. Arthur Middlecoat

  3. Edith Middlecoat (did not marry and had no children)

  4. Lionel Middlecoat

  5. Albert Middlecoat

  6. Helen Middlecoat

  7. Joyce Middlecoat

Mabel Matilda MIDDLECOAT (b 1888) married Edgar William GLOVER (b 1886. I believe Edgar's father, William,  was a Locomotive Engineer with the North Western Railways.)


Next Generation

Eileen Middlecoat married Jimmy Cowell (no children from this marriage)

Arthur Middlecoat married Joyce Durham - 3 children, 

  1. Lionel Middlecoat (died at age of 16),

  2. Priscilla Middlecoat

  3. Glen Middlecoat

Lionel Middlecoat married Evonne Riggs-Long - 3 children,

  1. Eileen Middlecoat,

  2. Edith Middlecoat

  3. Karen Middlecoat

Albert Middlecoat married Doreen Lyons - 2 children,

  1. Elizabeth Middlecoat

  2. Susan Middlecoat

Helen Middlecoat married Jim Hawley - 2 children,

  1. Jimmy Hawley

  2. Lynne Hawley

Joyce Middlecoat married Jerry CALVERT, children:

  1. Patrick Calvert

  2. Michael Calvert


info from stevetbutcher@tiscali.co.uk

Phyllis Doreen MIDDLECOAT (born about 1905 India) married Wilfred Vance BUTCHER , children:

  1. Wilfred Anthony George Butcher (born in Mhow 1933)


Dear Sir, Madame, Please contact me on 0408 382 782 to see if I am apart of your family tree of the MIDDELCOAT'S, I am a descendant of the O'NEILL'S dating back to the 17th or 18th century when IRELAND was ruled by KING O'NEILL.

?? MIDDLECOAT married ??, children:


Next Generation

Bob MIDDLECOAT married Winifred??, children:

  1. Robert Middlecoat

  2. Glennis Middlecoat

  3. Sue Middlecoat

Next Generation

Robert MIDDLECOAT married ??, children:

  1. Peter Middlecoat

Regards PETER MIDDELCOAT. bushbasha70@aol.com


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