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Henry MICHEL (b 1802) at 31 yrs on 24 Jun 1833 at Fort William married 17yr Charlotte JEFFERIES (b 1816) children:

  1. Lydia Charlotte Michel

  2. James Robert Michel

  3. John Michel (b 29 Sep 1834 Cooley Bazar, Bengal, d 13 Jul 1907 Mussoorie)

  4. Charles Michel

  5. Mary Louisa Michel

  6. Lewis Henry Michel (b 1839, d 16 Sep 1897 Simla)

  7. Caroline Elizabeth Michel (b 2 Sep 1841 Fort William)

  8. Alfred Michel (b 21 Mar 1844, d 29 May 1845 Fort William, Bengal )

  9. Henry J Frederick Michel (b 1850, d 7 Jun 1899 Calcutta)

  10. Josiah Arthur Michel (b 12 Mar 1854 Fort William)


Next Generation

John MICHEL (b 29 Sep 1834 Cooley Bazar, Bengal, d 13 Jul 1907 Mussoorie) on 17 Apr 1865 in Meerut married 16yr Sarah Elizabeth HAY(b 19 Jun 1848 Cawnpore, d 12 Jun 1918, daughter of John Duncan and Isabella Jane HAY), children:

  1. Eleanor Augusta Marie Michel (b 23 Sep 1866 Meerut)

  2. John Henry Forbes Michel (b 18 Jan 1868 Meerut)

  3. Charles Louis Jackson Michel (b 11 Apr 1869 Meerut)

  4. Beatrice May Maud Hay Michel (b 1874)

  5. Arthur George Herbert Hay Michel (b 7 May 1876 Delhi)

  6. Sydney Leonard Francis Hay Michel (b 29 Sep 1880 Mussoorie, d 9 Aug 1887 Mussoorie)

  7. Cara Agnes Edith Hay Michel (b 12 Aug 1871 Mussoorie)

  8. Blanche Isabel Violet Hay Michel (b 2 Aug 1877 Delhi)

  9. Aileen Dora Ethel Hay Michel (b 22 May 1882 Mussoorie)

  10. Allan Duncan Paul Hay Michel (b 20 Jan 1884 Ghaziabad)

  11. Harold Eric Walte Hay Michel (b 20 Jan 1884 Ghaziabad)

  12. Clement Ariel Barnabas Hay Michel (b 29 Jan 1888 Mussoorie)

Caroline Elizabeth MICHEL (b 2 Sep 1841 Fort William) on 15 Nay 1873 married Josiah Evenezer ROWE (son of Joshua Rowe)


Henry J Frederick MICHEL (b 1850, son of Henry Michel, d 7 Jun 1899 Calcutta) at 29yrs on 14 Feb 1882 married 25yr Mrs Adelaide Louise CALDER (b 1857, daughter of Matthew Delanongeude).


Next Generation

Eleanor Augusta Marie MICHEL (b 23 Sep 1866 Meerut) on 16 Aug 1919 in Mussoorie married Harry Herbert HUDON


John Henry Forbes MICHEL (b 18 Jan 1868 Meerut) at 25yrs on 20 Mar 1849 in Trichinopoly married 15yr Susan ROCHESTER (b 1834 daughter of Robert and Ann Rochester), children:



John Henry Forbes MICHEL (b 18 Jan 1868 Meerut) at age 42 in his 2nd marriage on 19 Apr 1910 in Allahabad married divorcee Eva Emma SANICHER


Beatrice May Maud Hay MICHEL (b 1874) at 22yrs on 30 Dec 1896 in Ghaziabad married 27yr John Michel JACKSON (b 1869 son of George Thomas Jackson)


Cara Agnes Edith Hay MICHEL (b 12 Aug 1871 Mussoorie) at 29yrs on 8 Dec 1900 in Mussoorie married 34yr widower Walter Ernest HANKIN (b 1866)


Blanche Isabel Violet Hay MICHEL (b 2 Aug 1877 Delhi) at 18yrs on 2 Jan 1896 in Delhi married 28yr St George Hay Smitter JACKSON (b 1868 son of George Thomas Jackson)



info from Errol Edwin Michel pipavav@ksplgroup.net


?? MICHEL married ??, children:

  1. Edwin Alfred Michel

Next Generation

Edwin Alfred MICHEL married Gladys Coral DUEMANN, children:

  1. Errol Edwin Michel



(My Mum, Josephine,  was from Pondicherry, she was Josephine Michel but preferred to be called Rene..I have been fairly successful in getting most of her family details from the Church of the Holy Angels in Pondicherry, though there is a missing link which I am presently trying to locate. My great grandparents on the French side were Veronique Lamoury and Jean Baptiste Michel, married in 1845. Lynette lynmendes@optushome.com.au )


? MICHEL married ??, children:

  1. Jean Baptiste Michel

Next Generation

Jean Baptiste MICHEL married in 1845 Veronique LAMOURY, children :

  1. Josephine Michel (Rene)

Next Generation

Josephine MICHEL (Rene) from Pondicherry,married William Thomas WATERS in 1909, children : 3 sons and 1 daughter, myself, Lynette



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