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Other surnames associated with the McIntyre family:

Alpin, Bennett, Brittain, Bolst , Clark, Gressieux, Hewsen, Hodges, Jones, Judd, Marley, Moore, Mudge, Keilly, Shave, Ringrow, Ellison,  Brayley


Donald McINTYRE (Birth, Marriage, Death (BMD), records unknown. Sub- assistant surgeon) married Mary ?, children : 

  1. Peter McINTYRE (born Nov. 1809, baptised Dec 24, 1809, by Thos. Balman, Fort Adjutant, Vellore)

Next Generation

Peter McINTYRE married Emilia ELLISON, Policat,18.6.32, (N/2C/8 f 74),  parents names unknown

Peter McINTYRE married (2nd marriage ?) Rebecca RINGROW, 2nd August 1848, father Ringrow, place of residency  --- Madras


Peter McINTYRE (assistant apothecary)  married (3rd marriage?) 29April 1854, Cundapore, Ann Georgiana CLARK, daughter of Samuel CLARK, assistant Commissary of Ordnance, & Mary Clark, born 4Sept.1836, children : 

  1. Donald (born Feb. 28/1855, baptized Sept 6, 1855 St.John's Church, Cannanore) marriage & death records unknown ,

  2. William born October 7/1859 , died July 7 1865, age 5 years and 9 months.

  3. James Arthur born Feb 18, 1865, baptized April 7, 1865 St.John's Church, Cannanore, died 1928)

Next Generation

James Arthur McINTYRE married Georgiana KEILLY (died 1920 in Quetta), children :  

  1. Ethel Hewsen, 

  2. Doris Judd, 

  3. Kathleen( Kitty ) Gressieux, 

  4. Phyllis, 

  5. Malcolm, 

  6. Stanley, 

  7. Douglas, 

  8. Donald (born 1897 Vizag, Madras), 

  9. Duncan Charles,

  10. Daisy.. (James died in 1928 ( no marriage & death records), Georgiana died in 1920, in Quetta. No copies of BMD for Georgiana Quale.)

Next Generation

Donald McINTYRE (HMS Customs, Karachi) married Charlotte (Lottie) BRITAIN (born 1897, daughter of George & Margaret Britain), children :

  1. Gilbert (Ginger ) born September 18, 1920, Karachi,  

  2. Donald (Donny), 

  3. Douglas, 

  4. Herbert (Bertie),  

  5. Jack.

Next Generation

Gilbert Gordon (Ginger) McINTYRE born September 18, 1920, Karachi,  married 3/10/1945 Joyce Marion MILLER (born August 2, 1926 (daughter of Arthur, St.John Miller & Edna Mudge-Moore), children :

  1. Ian Edwin Arthur (born October 25, 1946, Calcutta), 

  2. Gilbert, 

  3. Madeleine, 

  4. Melody, 

  5. Lynn.

Next Generation

Ian Edwin Arthur McINTYRE married 18/11/1967, Carol Ann COLLINS (nee LINCOLN), children : 

  1. Andrew (born Nov. 9 / 1968, Montreal Canada), 

  2. Heather (born June26/1972, Montreal Canada).

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