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info from Maria deRosario

Sam McCOY married Irene ??. Children:

  1. Eric McCoy

  2. Alice McCoy

  3. Oswald McCoy

  4. Dennis McCoy

  5. Margorie McCoy

  6. Sydney McCoy

Next Generation

Eric McCoy married ??

Alice McCoy married ?? .Children:

  1. Blossom McCoy

Oswald McCoy married Eunice??. Children:

  1. Dyllis McCoy

  2. Hansel McCoy

  3. Coreen McCoy

  4. Marcel McCoy

  5. Gerry McCoy

Dennis McCoy married Prestina THOMAS. Children:

  1. Merlyn McCoy

  2. OLive McCoy

  3. Rita McCoy

  4. Milford McCoy

Margorie McCoy married ?? Children:

  1. Marlene ??  married Douglas BELLARD. Children:1. Gerard Bellard

  2. Sunbeam ?? married Ivan Neeves. Children: 1. Dollarine Neeves married Ashim Mittra . Children: Aparna Mittra, Apoorva Mittra

  3. Vynetta ?? married Gordon MAITLAND. Children: 1. Godfrey Maitland

  4. Geraldine ?? married Rene LEENE. Children: 1. Berniedine married ??. Children: Sonia Maria Leene, Mark Anthony Leene

Sydney McCoy married ??. Children:

  1. Glen McCoy married ??. Children: 1.Jeremy McCoy, 2.Zara McCoy

  2. Kathleen McCoy

Next Generation

info from Maria deRosario

Dyllis McCoy married Colin FERNANDEZ. Children:

  1. Elstan Fernandes married Lorraine ALWEYN. Children: Shane Fernandez, Andre Fernandez

  2. Sharlene Fernandez married Lawrence NETTO. Children: Leandra Netto, Chennelle Netto

Hansel McCoy married Judy Studdon. Children:

  1. Michelle McCoy married??

Coreen McCoy married Colin Hereford. Children:

  1. Coretta Hereford

  2. Cassandra Hereford

  3. Calvin Hereford

  4. Carlos Hereford

Marcel McCoy married ??. Children:

  1. Ken McCoy

Gerry McCoy married Alicia Rozario. Children:

  1. Sanisha McCoy

  2. Ricardo McCoy

Merlyn McCoy married Sidney Smith. Children:

  1. Sean Smith married Jacqueline Hawkes and have a daughter Kaitlyn

  2. Sonia Smith

Olive McCOY married Neville Payne. Children:

  1. Cameron Payne

  2. Crispin Payne

Rita McCoy married Bobbie deRosario. Children:

  1. Winston deRosario married Anita Sinclair and have a daughter

  2. Maria deRosario

Milford McCoy married Bernie Foster. Children:

  1. Franklin McCoy

  2. Tyrone McCoy

  3. Cresswell McCoy

Next Generation


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