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William Anthony MASCURINE (Lulu) (died 1977) married, to   Violet Edith EGAN , migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1974.  8 children (all in Melbourne, Australia):

  1. Loretta MASCURINE
  2. Joyce MASCURINE 
  4. Raymond MASCURINE
  5. Celia MASCURINE
  6. Leslie MASCURINE
  7. Ransley MASCURINE
  8. Anne Mascurine

William Anthony MASCURINE (died 1977) married, 2nd marriage,  Merlyn Blanch LAYBOURNE, (born Newtown, Madras, migrated to the UK in 1961, died 1985), children:

  1. Jean Mascurine
  2. Denzil Anthony Mascurine (born Perambur, Madras)
  3. Sinclair Mascurine
  4. Stanley Mascurine
  5. Clayton Mascurine

Next Generation

Loretta MASCURINE married Charles Anthony FERNANDEZ  {2 daughters -

  1. Caroline Fernandez (born in India)
  2. Susan Fernandez (born in Melbourne, Australia)

Joyce MASCURINE married to Rex

  1. Saul Fernandez - born in Melbourne, Australia)

Gwen MASCURINE married Lewis Hammet ,1 daughter -

  1. Maree Hammet, born in Melbourne, Australia)

Raymond MASCURINE married Nicky EGAN, 1 daughter -

  1. Caitlyn Mascurine (born in Melbourne, Australia)
  2. currently expecting another baby

Celia MASCURINE married Christopher ELLIS, 2 children -

  1. John Ellis (born in Melbourne, Australia)
  2. Samantha Ellis (born in Melbourne, Australia)

Lesley MASCURINE married  Peter HALSE,3 sons - 

  1. Sam Halse, ( born in Melbourne, Australia)
  2. Ben Halse ( born in Melbourne, Australia)
  3. Robert Halse ( born in Melbourne, Australia)

Ransley MASCURINE currently not married, 2 sons and 1 daughter -

  1. Keith  ( born in Melbourne, Australia)
  2. Jason  ( born in Melbourne, Australia)
  3. Corey  ( born in Melbourne, Australia)

Anne MASCURINE married Garry Bond ,2 sons -

  1. Aaron Bond (born in Melbourne, Australia)
  2. Keagan Bond (born in Melbourne, Australia)

Jean MASCURINE married Gerald SMITH, children:

  1. Kate Smith
  2. Kevin Smith
  3. Susan Smith
  4. Keith Smith
  5. Sean Smith

Denzil Anthony MASCURINE married Gek Siew TAN from Malaysia, all now in Essex, UK, children:

  1. Natasha bee ling (born Essex, England 1976)
  2. Cassandra sue ling (born Colchester, England 1979)

Sinclair MASCURINE married Marlyn GREENE from Burma, children:

  1. Jason MASCURINE (born Colchester, Essex,)
  2. Daren MASCURINE (born Colchester, Essex)
  3. Mellisa MASCURINE (born in Perth, Australia)

Clayton MASCURINE married Noreen LYONS children:

  1. Paul MASCURINE (born Colchester, Essex)
  2. Noreena MASCURINE (born Colchester, Essex)
  3. Lucy  MASCURINE (born Colchester, Essex)

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