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info submitted by  Findlay Aubrey Dytor

Where did these 2 MANZATO families go to. Any information would be appreciated.


?? MANZATO married ??, children:

  1. Guido Jullio Manzato

Next Generation

Guido Jullio MANZATO Italian Bandmaster married Aurelia PARDO 2/9/1899 at St Thomas Church, Calcutta.Children:

  1. Cecilia Maria born 6/11/1900

  2. Ada Carmen    born 9/6/1902

Any information about the family would be appreciated, Thanks.

?? MANZATO married ??, children:

  1. Aleardo Manzato

Next Generation

Aleardo MANZATO, European Bandmaster, in 1900 with 11th Rajput Regt. married Celestina PARDO. Children:

  1. Francis Manzato Baptised 15/12/1900, R.C. Church,  Cawnpore

  2. Francess Manzato Baptised 3/7/ 1903, at Mussoorie Convent Chapel


I noted with interest the website showing the Manzato family tree. My name is Bert Manzato, formerly Umberto Manzato and the son of Gustavo Manzato, the son of Aleardo Manzato and Celestina Pardo.  Bert Manzato

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