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Info from Rita Harman (nee Mann) . My father was born and bought up in Lucknow India.  His father was originally from North England.  He was born 24/05/1918. He had one brother Mervyn still alive. His father was Sidney  Mann and his mother Annette Mann (Nee Farnon). They came back to England around 1947 and settled in Leytonstone East London.  My Grandmother had some close friends in India by the name of Deefholts. They also returned to England but I believe later settled in Scotland.

Sidney MANN from North England married Annette FAMON, children:

  1. ? Mann (b1918 Lucknow)

  2. Mervyn Mann

Next Generation

?  MANN (b1918 Lucknow) married ??, children:

  1. Rita Mann

Next Generation

Rita MANN married ?? HARMAN



?? MANN married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth MANN

Next Generation

Elizabeth MANN married John Lane FONCECA on 10/2/1858 (N2/39/27), child:

  1. Robert Fonceca (born 24/7/1859, baptised 27/10/1859 (N2/40/265) by John Burcher, Officiating Minister at Church Mission Chapel, Black Town). LDS Film 521850 Vol 40 (P.265)


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