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Dear Simon.
I am not sure if you are the Simon Deefolths that has been referred to me by Margaret Deefolths she only gave me the name, saying she was on the road traveling and therefore, had very limited access to the Internet. So I googled up your name and and came up with a few results some of which refer to another person I think, in the shipping business. through this one  I got your name
The reason why I am contacting you is because Margaret advised me that you have compiled a very comprehensive Family tree - but when I try to access it it says I am not authorized to view it.
You see I am related to Leon Deefolths by both my Mothers as well as my Fathers side. My great grand Mother was Olivia Adelina Bulley (nee Deefolths) born January 26, 1880 she married my Great Grand father Alfred Albert Bully born 1837. I am trying to find more about her and her family in particular about them an to enhance the tree above and beyond them.
Deefolths are also related to me through my Paternal side of the family as Eileen Marie Deefolths born 1907 or 1908 was my paternal Great grand mother. she married my Great Grandfather Francis Edwin Davis Bastien born August 17,1881. All these folk lived in India and served on the E.B.Railway and the other associated railways of India at the time.
This is all the information I have at the current time with no records or documents to authenticate and verify the veracity of these claims.
If therefore, you are the correct person I am contacting I would kindly request you to please be so kind as to assist me by supplying Links and sites in India. UK, France, and Portugal that you may know off where I could do further research into the family and their histories.
If you do have any information about their lineage would you mind, please, to send me this too.
With sincere appreciation and thanks.

Bernard Albert Bastien. (Bernie)
224 Rundlecairn Road NE
Calgary, Alberta.
T1Y 2X5


Info from Norma

Foster DEEFHOLTS married Enid ??, children:

  1. Carole Deefholts

  2. Norma-Jean Deefholts (b1943. Calcutta, India Dr Grahams Homes Boarding School,  Kalimpong, Darjeeling, India, Bene Cottage)

  3. Winston Deefholts

  4. Derek Deefholts

  5. Fred Deefholts

  6. Bruce Deefholts

Next Generation

Norma-Jean Deefholts (b1943. Calcutta, India Dr Grahams Homes Boarding School,  Kalimpong, Darjeeling, India, Bene Cottage)  married Bruce George PECK in 1964, who had been in the same school for awhile. both moved to London August 1964, and lived in Wimbledon. We broke up after 20 years of marriage., "there's something about distance that gets to us all'. I worked for the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard, enjoyed my years of service, felt extremely fulfilled. Families are a powerful source of ' Good Vibrations. We had four lovely children,

  1. Anella Peck (twin) (named after the a ship that Bruce worked on, in the Norwegian navy)

  2. Divina Peck (twin) (named after the a ship that Bruce worked on, in the Norwegian navy)

  3. Colette Peck

  4. Bruce Peck. .


info from

Jeanne Marilyn DEEFHOLTS married Michael Cecil BEATTY, Sydney, Australia 1980.Children are:

  1. Renee Patricia BEATTY (b1982 Sydney, Australia)

  2. Nicole Eva BEATTY (b1982 Sydney, Australia)

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