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?? MAELZER married ??, children:

  1. Terence A Maelzer (b 1963)

Next Generation

Terence A. MAELZER (b1963) married Romayne E. ?? (b1970). children:

1. Terence Errol Maelzer (jr) (b1996 Australia)
2. Renee Elizabeth Maelzer (b1998 Australia)
3. Nathan Alexander Maelzer (b2004 Australia)


info from Pauline Maelzer

?? MAELZER married ??, children:

  1. Gordon Maelzer (b 6/12/1957)

Next Generation

Gordon MAELZER born (6/12/1957) married Pauline BEAUPERT born (22/3/1956), in Calcutta on 15/12/1979, Children:

  1. KARL AUBREY MAELZER born on 25/3/1981 in Calcutta, India
  2. RUDOLF GORDON MAELZER born on 8/9/1982 in Calcutta, India
  3. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES MAELZER born on 7/11/1987 in Calcutta, India


info from Lois Harding (nee Maelzer) ph 08 379 4831 or 08 379 4631(South Australia)

?? MAELZER married ??, children:

  1. Lois Maelzer (attended Oak Grove, Mussoorie Hill 1935-1944)

Next Generation

Lois MAELZER married Ronald HARDING. Living in South Australia


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?? MAELZER married ??, children:

  1. Reginald Arnold Maelzer

Next Generation

Reginald Arnold MAELZER married Louise Gladys ??, children:

  1. Darrell Edmund Maelzer (b 29/10/1922 Simla, died 25/3/2001 Bombay)
  2. Robert Maelzer (lives in the UK)
  3. Reginald Harold Gottfried Maelzer (born 19/7/1914 Simla, d 1997 Ancaster UK)
  4. Audry Maelzer (lives in the UK)
  5. Susan Maelzer (lives in the UK)

Next Generation

Darrell Edmund MAELZER (b29/10/1922 Simla, died 25/3/2001 Bombay) married Patricia Margaret DYSON (Patsy) (b18/11/1927 Calcutta, died 17/2/1991 Calcutta), children:

  1. Denise Maelzer (studied at St. Thomas boarding school Kiddapore, finished school at Loretto Day school Dharamtalla, Calcutta. Lived for a while at British Indian St. in the Dalhousie area and then in Park Circus. )
  2. Gordon Maelzer
  3. Brigitte Maelzer
  4. Lorraine Maelzer

Reginald Harold MAELZER (Capt REME. died. UK) married Eileen Francis JACKSON (Lahore), Children  

  1. Geraldine Celia Eileen Maelzer (born Cawnpore 23/04/1942)
  2. Norman Harold Maelzer (born 30/09/1943)

Next Generation

Denise MAELZER married Avinash Kumar Hari Calcutta November 1986 who died Bombay November 1989, one son,

  1. Tarun Avinash Kumar Hari (born Jan 1989)

Denise MAELZER, widow, married Kenneth RAND, children:

  1. Timothy Russell Rand (born Bromley UK March 1993). Now living Surrey UK.
    Tel: (44) 1342 834860

Norman Harold MAELZER. (born 30/09/1943) married Caroline EDWARDS UK, Children

  1. Adrian Carl Maelzer (born 12 06 1967)
  2. Julian Edward Maelzer

Next Generation

Adrian Carl MAELZER (born 12 06 1967) married Shirley Brook MALCOLM on 21st July 1990, children:

  1. Samuel Adrian Maelzer (Born 01 01 1991)
  2. Molly Anne Matrina Maelzer (b 08 07 1995)
  3. Grace Eileen Maelzer twin (born 23 06 2002)
  4. Harry Ian Maelzer twin (born 23 06 2002)

Julian E Maelzer married Melanie MJ Thomas (1996). Child:

  1. Miles Thomas Maelzer - born 25/6/98

Julian E Maelzer married Isabelle C Stedman (2003).Children:

  1. Dominic E Maelzer - born 16/11/98
  2. Stella B - Maelzer born 18/11/03

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