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?? MacKINNON married ??, children:

  1. Trevor MackINNON

Next Generation

Trevor MackINNON of Royapuram, now in the UK (studied at St. Bedes European High School, Mylapore) married Ella ?, children:

  1. June MaKinnon (studied at St Kevins, Royapuram, St. Aloysious, Veprey. Left India in Nov 1962 for the UK.)
  2. Everette MacKinnon
  3. Pamela MacKinnon
  4. Charlotte MacKinnon (studied at St Kevins, Royapuram. Left India in Nov 1962 for the UK. Moved to the USA in 1973.)

Next Generation

June MaKinnon married ? COOK

Charlotte MacKINNON married ? DeBenedictis


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Alexandra Joseph MacKINNON (born 31/05/1901) married Blanche Irene FERNANDEZ (born 29/06/1905 (Madras), Children;

  1. Yola MacKINNON (b 13/02/1932, Bangalore)
  2. Colin MacKINNON (b 16/07/1933, Lahore)
  3. Aster MacKINNON (b 21/09/1935 Bangalore)
  4. Dawn MacKINNON (b 28/06/1937 Madras)
  5. Dexter MacKINNON (b.9/08/1939, d 21/6/2003 Melbourne)
  6. Treasure MacKINNON (b.14/07/1943 Puna)
  7. Charles MacKINNON (b. 24/3/1946 Vishakhapatnam)

Next Generation

Yola MacKINNON (b 13/02/1932, Bangalore) married Norman DAWSON , children:

  1. Christopher Dawson
  2. Michael Dawson
  3. Lisa Dawson

Colin MacKINNON (b 16/07/1933, Lahore) on 2 Oct 1957 in Bangalore, married Yvonne WARD  (divorced 1 April 1970, Montreal), children :

  1. Rosmund MacKinnon (b.26/08/1958, Bangalore,India)
  2. Cherryl MacKinnon (b.23/08/1962, Bombay, India)

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Colin MacKINNON (b 16/07/1933, Lahore), 2nd marriage to Pam ? in  Canada, children

  1. Sunil MacKinnon
  2. Naline MacKinnon
  3. Nadia MacKinnon

Aster MacKINNON (b 21/09/1935 Bangalore) married Johnny SUARES, children :

  1. Gerrard MacKinnon
  2. Karen MacKinnon
  3. Allison MacKinnon
  4. Francis MacKinnon
  5. Michelle MacKinnon
  6. Jossie MacKinnon

Dawn MacKINNON (b 28/06/1937 Madras) married Joe FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. David Fernandez
  2. Andrew Fernandez

Dexter MacKINNON (b.9/08/1939) married Carol ? Australia, children:

  1. Zarina MacKinnon
  2. Yasmin MacKinnon

Dexter MacKINNON (b.9/08/1939) 2nd marriage to Jenny ? Australia, children

  1. Alexanda MacKinnon
  2. Joshua MacKinnon

Treasure MacKINNON (b.14/07/1943 Puna) married Allan EATON (born 17/11/1943 in Simla, India) children:

  1. Bianca EATON
  2. Farrah EATON

Charles (Charlie) MacKINNON (b. 24/3/1946 Vishakhapatnam) married Catherine COOPER, children:

  1. Andrew MacKinnon  (b 7/06/1971 Ipswich, Qld)
  2. Mara MacKinnon(b 19/9/1972 Manly NSW)
  3. Venita MacKinnon(b. 3/12/1974 Ipswich Qld).
  4. Stephen MacKinnon (b. 23/9/1976 Melbourne)
  5. Charity MacKinnon (b. 21/8/1978 Melbourne)
  6. Aaron MacKinnon (b.9/5/1980 Melbourne)
  7. Jeremy MacKinnon (b.15/5/1981 Melbourne
  8. Daniel MacKinnon (b.01/11/1983 Melbourne)
  9. Nathan MacKinnon (b.14/04/1989 Melbourne)
  10. Janelle MacKinnon (b.16/12/1990 Melbourne)

Charles Mackinnon re-married Noelene Krollig 08/04/2000

Next Generation

Andrew MacKinnon  (b 7/06/1971 Ipswich, Qld) married Michelle Calleja - 8/2/2003.

Mara MacKinnon (b 19/9/1972 Manly NSW) married Kfir Meser 9/11/2001.

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