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John HOLDER married Ann ?, children:

  1. Henry Joseph Holder (b 4 Jul 1870 Pallavaram)

Next Generation

Henry Joseph HOLDER (b 4 Jul 1870 Pallavaram) at 24yrs on 12 Dec 1894 at St Thomas Mount, Madras, married 22yr Frances Lizzie BIGGS (daughter of George Ernest Biggs), children:

  1. Ethel Merlyn Holder (b 18 Nov 1895 Madras)

  2. William Leslie Holder (b 1900)

  3. Percival Kenneth Holder (b 30 May 1903 St Thomas Mount)

  4. Henry Ronald Holder (b 22 Nov 1905 Coonoor)

Next Generation

William Leslie HOLDER (b 1900) at 28yrs on 11 Jul 1928 at Perambur married 29yr Eileen Maud BROWNE (b 1899, daughter of Edward Brown)


Henry Ronald Holder (b 22 Nov 1905 Coonoor) at 24yrs on 3 Jun 1931 in Madras, married 21yr Sheilah Yvette CULPEPER (b 1910, daughter of Edward Culpeper)



info from Diane James  de.james@bigpond
My mother - Phyllis Rose Holder born 12 January 1927 - Father William Holder - Megalayah (previously Assam)  Attended Dr Graham's Homes approximately 1935. As far as I know he was a tea planter and left India, and his family to. My mother was brought up by John Edward Copeland, tea planter.


?? HOLDER married ??, children:

  1. William Holder (Born ?, Assam, India. Attended Dr Graham's Homes approximately 1935)

Next Generation

William HOLDER - Tea Planter (from Megalayah, previously Assam. Attended Dr Graham's Homes approximately 1935) married Phyllis Rose ??(was brought up by John Edward Copeland, tea planter.) children:

  1. Diane Holder


info from Allyson Bobb  mattab@rogers.com Bridget scothilt@xtra.co.nz   Sharon Holder sth3065@gmail.com  Fiona Collins <fionaannecollins@hotmail.com

?? HOLDER married ??, children:

  1. David Joseph Holder (b? d 01/89) )

Next Generation

David Joseph HOLDER (Dec 01/89)  on 6th Aug 1962 married Mercia Philomenia NIPPS - (b Calcutta 1940) in Cuttack Orissa India, Children:

  1. David Joseph Holder

  2. Sharon Terese Holder

(Mercia Philomenia NIPPS - (born Calcutta 1940) remarried on the 26th March 1994 to Bruce Arthur KIDD,)


Next Generation

David Joseph Holder (b 29/5/1963) Bilaspur India -married Sally KING, they have one child

  1. Lauren Amber Holder

Sharon Terese Holder (30/10/1965) Calcutta India - married Christopher AGATE and has two children

  1. Aaron William Joseph Agate

  2. Kiara Anne Agate


info from Anne Barton annebarton15@hotmail.com

?? HOLDER married ??, children:

  1. Grace HOLDER (Born ???, Trichy, India)

Next Generation

Grace HOLDER (Born ???, Trichy, India) married Patrick D'angeline Barton (Born ??, Bangalore, India), children;

  1. Leonard Ernest Barton (Born July, 1936, Bangalore, India)


info from Peter Cotter peteracotter@optusnet.com.au

?? HOLDER married ??, children:

  1. Mable Holder

Next Generation

Mable HOLDER married Alfred COTTER, Children

  1. Evelyn Cotter married Nellie Collins

  2. Earnest Cotter married Mertle Brass

  3. Alphonse Cotter

  4. Edwin Cotter married Mary Alves

  5. Irene Cotter


info from maryleckholder@optusnet.com.au

?? HOLDER married ??, children:

  1. ?? Holder

Next Generation

?? HOLDER married ??, children:

  1. Douglas Holder

Douglas HOLDER from Calcutta married Mary LECK (studied in Dr. Graham's, Kalimpong). Living in Brisbane. 2 sons:


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