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info from Sandra Highland   sandra_highland@yahoo.com

?? HIGHLAND married ??, children:

  1. Neil William HIGHLAND

Next Generation

Neil William Highland ( Born on 6th January 1930) Married Celine Marie FERNANDES (born on 21st June, 1932, Nagpur), Children:

  1. Brian Highland
  2. Fredrick Melville Highland
  3. Glen Michael Highland
  4. Gloria  Marie Highland
  5. Cedric Noel Highland


info from Gerard SHAFTON gjmaf@yahoo.com

?? HIGHLAND married ??, children:

  1. Gordon HIGHLAND

Next Generation

Gordon HIGHLAND married Bernardine SHAFTON - two children,

  1. Ricardo Highland 
  2. Rachael Highland


Info submitted by Alister Fuller alisterfuller@optushome.com.au

?? HIGHLAND married ??, children:

  1. Peter HIGHLAND

Next Generation

Peter HIGHLAND married ?(Dinky) DUBIER , Their children:

  1. Nicola Highland and   Partner Neil,  
  2. Joelien Highland ,
  3. Renshaw Highland ,
  4. Christopher Highland,
  5. Martina Highland ,
  6. Floyd Highland

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