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William HARPIN married ??, children:

  1. George Harpin (born Bannock 2 March 1885)

Next Generation

George HARPIN (born Bannock 2 March 1885). He was a sergeant in the British Army, later joined the British Police and later went to a tea estate. George worked in Mussulipatum c.1933. In St Andrew's Church, Madras on 3 July 1918 married Millicent (later Maud) ARBUTHNOTT. Claimed to be born Madras 17 July 1888 (adult conditional baptism N/2/111/41, no "Maud") to Robert and Alice Arbuthnot of Cuddapah. She was left a coffee estate in Khotagiri, Nilgiris probably 'by her uncle James' (therefore post 1910), which was sold 1936-37. But it seems she was unclear who she was.  At her wedding (N/2/124, 39) her age has changed. She is now 27 on 3 July 1918, which would give a birth year of 1890/91, has acquired Maud as an extra forename and an extra 't' for her surname. We think she was much older, possibly a late posthumous child of Robert Brotherton Arbuthnott who died November 1881. Assuming she was born in mid-1882, she would have been 43 or so when she gave birth to her second child in 1925. Another possibility is that she was the illegitimate daughter of the widow Georgiana Wilhelmina, and hence was born a bit later, in 1883 or 1884. Georgiana cannot have found it easy trying to bring up six girls by herself. Acquiring a male protector would have been almost essential for her. Perhaps that's why she died in Pondicherry. She went there to have her last baby discreetly and she died not long after its birth. Or, a third possibility, she was actually the illegitimate daughter of one of her older 'sisters'. Mary Annabel and Clementina Ray were both old enough to have given birth to her in 1883 or 1888. It is speculation, but there are inconsistencies in the evidence that Millicent produced on two separate occasions and these are consistent with her not knowing the full story of her origins. The evidence for her six sisters being the known daughters of RB and GW is so strong that we have to assume that it was Millicent who got it wrong about 'Robert and Alice' being her parents. If she was born in mysterious circumstances and was brought up by a charity, then she is unlikely to have been told the full truth of her parentage. She was certainly brought up (by James and Ella) as being the youngest sister. Millicent died Calcutta 22 December 1944. She worked for the Post & Telegraph Service c.1917. George and Millicent died and were buried in India.

  1. Phyllis Harpin. Born Jubbulpore, India 18 June 1922. Died in a car accident in 3 December 1974 in Dahran, Saudi Arabia, where she had gone to visit her nephew.  Buried in the graveyard in ARAMCO in Dahran, Saudi Arabia. She had a private school in Pakistan. Married first, 1939, Shaukat Omari, a Syrian (dsp). She married second in Karachi, Pakistan 9 January 1956 George Talia (born 19??; died Beirut 21 December 1965), a Lebanese Christian from Beirut, who was a millionaire and had an off-licence and was in the construction business among other things. Children: Sa'ad George Talia. Born Iraq 12 December 1956. He emigrated to Canada 2000. Bank manager, Bank of Montreal. Lives in Toronto, Canada (tel: +1 416 009 7746).

  2. Marjorie Patricia Harpin. Born Poona 28 June 1925.  Died Karachi, Pakistan 26 October 2005. Buried Army graveyard, Mahmoodabad. Married first 1939 (Mohammad) Rashid Omari (dvu 19??), a Syrian, son of Mohammad Sadi al-Omari and Laila.


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