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Clifford Henry James HALE married Mildrid Violet DAUNT (Date of Birth 05/01/1928), children:

  1. Malcolm Clifford Hale. (DOB: 16/11/1947)

  2. Heather Ann Hale. (DOB: 27/12/1951)

  3. Colleen Adel Hale. (DOB: 11/01/1953, Jamshedpur)

  4. Arlene Jennifer Hale. (DOB: 26/05/1957)

  5. Clifford Andre Hale. (DOB: 19/06/1962)

  6. Sandra Jacqueline Hale. (DOB: 03/07/1964)

Next Generation:
Malcolm Clifford HALE married Philomema Majorie THIPTHORPE on 29/07/1972, (Residing at: A10/12A,Satyen Park,2nd Lane, Thakurpukur, Kolkata - 700104, INDIA. Phone Nos. Residence: +913324676669 / Mobile 09830460063.), Children:

  1. Stephen Clifford Hale (DOB: 02/02/1973)

  2. Shelton Malcolm Hale. (DOB: 19/07/1974)

Heather Ann HALE married Frederick George WILLIAMS on 28/12/1974 in Sacred Heart Church, Khurda Road. Children:

  1. Garrett George Williams (born 12/9/1975, Calcutta). Calcutta, INDIA.

  2. Carrie Ann Williams (born 12/9/1975, Calcutta). London, UK.

Colleen HALE (born 11/1/1953, Jamshedpur) married Ernest DIAS (born 25/9/1952,Jamalpur) on 22/10/1979 at St. Sacred Heart  church, Dharamtalla, Kolkata, children:

  1. Candice Emiline Dias (born22/11/1980, Kolkata)

  2. Michael Ernest Dias (born04/04/85, Kolkata)

  3. Michelle Colleen Dias (born04/04/85, Kolkata)


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