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The other side I am looking for is the Gray family in India. My grandmother was Mona Myrtle Gray. Her father (James Edwin) a British officer died and my grandmother and her siblings were taken away from their Mother (Pearl Edna who was anglo-Indian) and put into the Taylor school. Pearl Edna seems to have disappeared. She desperately tried to contact her children but by the time they had grown up, she had died. I cant find any record of her after her marriage certificate. I would be very grateful if you can shed light on any of this. Best regards Shay


? GRAY married ?, children:

  1. George Walter GRAY (b 1850)

Next Generation

George Walter GRAY (b 1850) at 21yrs on 19 Dec 1871 in Vepery married 19yr  Ellen Judith KIERULP (b 22 May 1852 Bangalore, d 6 May 1920 Ootacamund,  daughter of Eliza and William Reighly Kierulp), children:

  1. James Edwin Gray (b  2 Feb 1884 St Thomas Mount,)


Next Generation

James Edwin GRAY, British Officer, (b  2 Feb 1884 St Thomas Mount,) at 29yrs on 10 Apr 1912 in Pallavaram married 19yr Pearl Edna TRANSFIELD (b 29 Aug 1892 Pallavaram daughter of Thomas & Emily Tranfield), children:

  1. Mona Myrtle Gray


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