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info from Elizabeth Forrest O Driscoll

?? FORREST married ??, children:

  1. Anthony William Forrest

Next Generation

Anthony William FORREST (drummer boy, East Lancashire Regiment out of Blackburn, Lancashire c. 1850) married Sita ? Bahadur (daughter of Subedar Major Koor Bahadur who retired to position as caretaker of Khandala barracks before they became summer camp of Jesuit school St. Mary's in Bombay.  Children:

  1. Daughter who grew up with Sita? in Catholic convent in Pune after she was widowed.
  2. Anthony William FORREST (born c. 1880?, Pune)

Next Generation

Anthony William FORREST (born c. 1880?, Pune) married Rose Bridget (Netto) Cooper (born c.1895?, Bombay?) c. 1910?  Children:

  1. Anthony William Forrest (born 29/10/1914, Bombay
  2. Mary Bridget Forrest (details to be added later)

Next Generation

Anthony William FORREST (born 29/10/1914, Bombay, married Elsie Kay (born 1918, Smethwick, Birmingham, UK) on 24/03/1946 Bombay, in Catholic church.  Children:

  1. Elizabeth Kay Forrest
  2. Anthony William Forrest
  3. Debra Josephine Forrest.

Next Generation

Elizabeth Kay Forrest married Colonel John Joffre Driscoll, USAF retired 10/12/1981 in GA, USA. Children:

  1. Kieran Forrest O Driscoll ( and under Permanent Green, musician/producer),

Anthony William Forrest married Evelijn van Brandenberg de Boer in Rotterdam, Holland  Children;

  1. Alexander
  2. Samuel
  3. Nathan
  4. Amelia Emma.   


info from

I am trying to trace my family of Forrest's. My Grandmother was: Mary Isabel Forrest.  Her father was Timothy Forrest. Don't know who her mother was. I know that Mary I Forrest was married to Ernest Hiscock (from Isle of Wight). Ernest Hiscock died in the First World War and Mary married again a George Charles Rowles in India. My father Leslie was only about 2 yrs old when his father Ernest Hiscock died. If anyone has Forrest in their tree I would love to hear from them. Regards Cilla O'Hanlon

?? FORREST married ??, children:

  1. Timothy Forrest

Next Generation

Timothy FORREST married  ??, children:

  1. Mary Isabel Forrest

Next Generation

Mary Isabel Forrest married Ernest HISCOCK from Isle of Wight (Ernest died in the 1st World War), children:

  1. Leslie Hiscock

Mary Isabel Forrest, after Ernest died, married George Charles ROWLES

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