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My name is Lee Edwards. I really would/need to trace my family; don't know where to begin, I would appreciate any help that you could provide. My father was Anglo Indian, I know his name George Edwards, he was born on  19/10/1935. His fathers name was Maurice Edwards who I believe was from Wales, .thats pretty much all i know as my father didn't talk much of his life or his family, only to say that he was the oldest of 7 or 8.but i have never met any of them and would really love the chance to get to know them. My father came to England i believe in 1956, he lived in new Addington nr Croydon London. if you could point me in any direction that might help me I would be eternally grateful. Yours sincerely, Lee Edwards.


 ?? FIELD married Maurice EDWARDS from Wales. There were 7 or 8 children:

  1. George Edwards (b 19th Oct 1935)


info from Bailey Sutton


?? FIELD married ?? . children:

  1. Lissa Field

Next Generation

Lissa FIELD married Fabian SUTTON, Children: 

  1. Lachlan Sutton 

  2. Chloe Sutton

  3. Bailey Sutton

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