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info from Cheryl Dawson (nee Fereiro) cheryldawsonl@yahoo.co.in

hi am mrs cheryl dawson (nee FEREIRO) i would love to be in touch with my relatives from abroad  the names are mrs a TATE . BOTHWICK happens to be my dad;s relatives was always anxious 2 b in touch my dad;s name is basil victor fereiro (late) MY MOM;S NAME IS joyce (late) please do write to me i will be looking forward from an email from you.


Basil Victor FEREIRO married Joyce ??, children:

  1. Cheryl Fereiro

Next Generation

Cheryl Fereiro married ?? DAWSON


info from Cresswell Fereiro rak.sixt@gargash.ae

?? FEREIRO married ??, children:

  1. Cresswell Fereiro (born in fort cochin in 1954, did his schooling in cochin and in 1970 moved to Madras)

Next Generation
Cresswell FEREIRO of Madhvaram (born in fort cochin in 1954, did his schooling in cochin and in 1970 moved to Madras)  married ?? from  Madras, one child:

  1. ?? Fereiro


info submitted by misterbojangles@onetel.com

?? FEREIRO married ??, children:

  1. Philip Fereiro (b 24/09/53, Madras)

Next Generation

Philip FEREIRO (b 24/09/53, Madras) married ??, children:

  1. Adam FEREIRO (b09/11/73,Middlesex)

  2. Michelle FEREIRO (b26/09/75,Middlesex)

Next Generation

Michelle FEREIRO (b26/09/75,Middlesex) and ?? NOULTY, children:

  1. Ashley-Marie Fereiro-Noulty (b25/01/94,Ontario)

  2. Anais Fereiro-Noulty (b15/01/95,British Columbia)


info from Freda Fereiro

?? FEREIRO married ??, children:

  1. Anthony Fereiro (b ??, d 3/12/2000)

Next Generation

Anthony FEREIRO (D 3/12/2000) married Freda P CARRON , children : 

  1. Charlotte

  2. Betty

  3. Sybil

  4. Grethel

Next Generation

Charlotte L FEREIRO married Rodney C  FARMER, children :

  1. Charmaine

  2. Natalie

  3. Rebecca

Sybil A FEREIRO married Brian N FONCECA, Children: 

  1. Angela

  2. Clinton

  3. Rachael

Grethel A FEREIRO married Vernon L FONCECA, Children: 

  1. Matthew

  2. Nathan

  3. Andrew

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