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I am eager to trace any relatives still in Calcutta or anywhere in the world, especially Perth (W Australia), Toronto (Canada) and London (UK) areas where family members were known to have emigrated.. My father was Charles Duff (known as Charlie), and for a time was superintendent of Belgatchia Tram Depot. Mother was Iris Sabbage (maiden name.) Both parents are dead, and I have no records of my Anglo-Indian heritage. Denzil Duff  denz.duff9963@ntlworld.com

Charles Allan William DUFF (b ?) married Mary Caroline ?, children:

  1. Charles Baron Duff (b 04/12/1906)
  2. Mary Constance Duff

Next Generation

Charles Baron DUFF (b 04/12/1906 d 1985) married Diamond Evelyn Steer ? (or DEER)  on 21/7/1929.

Charles Baron DUFF, superintendent of Belgatchia Tram Depot (b 04/12/1906 d 1985) married (2nd marriage) Iris SABBAGE (b ? d 1999), children:

  1. Patrick Arnold Baron Duff (b Calcutta 1936, d 2004),
  2. Denzil Gene Duff (b Calcutta 1937. Went to school at Dr Grahams Homes until after the World War in 1946. Then attended St Pauls Mission School, Scotts Lane Calcutta until emigrating to London, UK in 1952, with Mother and 2 brothers. Father left India prior to the family, in October 1951.)

Charles Baron DUFF (b 04/12/1906 d 1985) married (3rd marriage) Beryl ??. children:

  1. Sam Duff (b Calcutta, known as Sam, DOB not known, but about 4 years younger. Last known living somewhere in Germany around the 1980s)

Mary Constance DUFF married Eugene Clarence BRINDLEY  in 1931, children:

  1. Henry Gilbert Brindley,
  2. Rita Ursula Brindley,
  3. Bryan Oliver Brindley

Next Generation

Patrick Arnold Baron DUFF (b Calcutta 1936, d 2004) married Julie HARRINGTON, and had a son:

  1. Gary Duff. (Julie and Gary moved to Wales, though I have been informed that Gary moved back to London in the 1970s. Any further information would be appreciated.)

Denzil Gene DUFF (b Calcutta 1937) married Molly Felicity BOX in London. 2 children:

  1. Matthew Christopher Duff (b Keynsham, Somerset, England 1968)
  2. Helen Louise Duff (b Halesowen, Worcestershire, England 1970)


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