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info from John woods

John Driver (b 1774)married Mary MURRY in Calcutta in Jan 1808, Children

  1. Mary Jane Sophia Driver 26/12/1804
  2. Margret Emma Driver 9.Jan 1807 in Calcutta Died 9 Nov 1839 lost at sea Bengal
  3. Sally Mary Driver  21/7/1808
  4. John Henry Driver  1810 - 1881 Dacca, Bengal
  5. Charles John Driver 1811
  6. Thomas Ernest Driver 1812 - 1827

Margret DRIVER married ?? Hatheran

Catherine Driver Married Henry TANNER in Calcutta

Next Generation
Mary Jane Sophia Driver married Nicholas Paliologus on 12 Jan 1824, children:

1   Nicholas Paliologus   19 march 1827, Married Annie Elizabeth Driver 3 Feb
2   Sarah Isabella Paliologus 10 March 1837

Margret Emma Driver married John Pigou on 28 Feb 1824, 2 daughters and one son

Sally Mary Driver married Michael DURUP De DUMBAL  on 10 May 1827, children:

  1. Richard Kerns Durup De Dumbal
  2. Michel Louis Eweller  Durup De Dumbal 4 May 1828
  3. John Charles  Durup De Dumbal         21 Sep 1831
  4. Felix Maximilian Durup De Dumbal      23 July 1833
  5. Thomas John Driver Durup De Dumbal    26 Nov 1836
  6. Pierr Hyde Durup De Dumbal            5 dec 1840
  7. Julia Sarah Durup De Dumbal          
  8. Marie Louisa Durup De Dumbal  (b 16 sept 1843  Jessor) married Edward W Cullen in 1865
  9. Rose Marielaura Durup De Dumbal       11 Feb 1847 married Alfred N Mells in 1865

John Henry Driver Married Jemema Smith on 15 April 1861 at Dacca, children:

1  Stanley George Driver 14 Nov 1864


info from John Woods

William Driver was an Indigo planter in Jissor.  He was married twice, all the children were born before 1779 as that was when his will changed listing them and adding Gerret.  Catherine was the name of a child by both wives and I an unsure of which one lived the longest.  I have a found a lot on the Drivers as Gerret married Sally Beanland who is in my wife’s line and the main line of my research.  I can not connect the Drivers with any other after the mid 1800s.  They were fairly well of in the early years but the money was spit up to many times.

William DRIVER (born ??, Died 1780 fort William) married Sophia De Rozario (Died before 1788 at Fort William), Children:

  1. John Driver (Born 1774 Calcutta Died 1822 Bengal)
  2. Gerret Driver (born 1779 Calcutta, died 1832 Dacca Bengal)
  3. William Driver
  4. Margret Driver
  5. Sophia Driver
  6. Catherine Driver

Next Generation

Gerret DRIVER (born 1779 Calcutta, died 1832 Dacca Bengal) married Sally BEANLAND, children:

  1. Willian Gerret Driver  1809
  2. Bella Driver 1810
  3. Sally Grace Driver  1814
  4. Henry Jonathon Driver 1815
  5. Samual Hamilton Driver 1817
  6. Helen Caroline Driver  1818
  7. Mary Sophia Driver   1820
  8. David Beanland Driver  1821
  9. Annie Elizabeth Driver 1824
  10. Garret Wemyss-william Driver 1827
  11. James Wemyss driver 1827

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