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Arnold George DORSEY Born: May 2, 1936

Stage name: Engelbert Humperdinck

HIS stage name comes from the 19th century Austrian composer who wrote Hansel and Gretel. His voice comes from heaven, and he has been a legend in the international music industry for the past 30 years, with more than 130 million records sold.


Engelbert Humperdinck has recorded everything from the most romantic ballads to the platinum-selling humorous theme song Lesbian Seagull for the Beavis and Butthead movie. His sense of humor has endeared him to millions of fans around the globe and the MTV generation has just discovered what a magnificent musician the rest of the world has celebrated for decades.


Few people realise that several of the major forces in the world of rock n' roll, including Jimi Hendrix and The Carpenters, started out as opening acts for Humperdinck in the late 60s,70s and 80s.


Engelbert Humperdinck was one of 10 siblings. His father served in the British military, and his mother taught violin and had an operatic voice. He was born Arnold George Dorsey on May 2, 1936, in Madras, India, while his father was stationed there with the British army.


When he was17, Engelbert found himself playing at a pub that sponsored a singing contest. Goaded by his friends to enter, he revealed another vocal talent: impersonations. Arnold George Dorsey gave the world's finest impersonation of Jerry Lewis - even Jerry Lewis still thinks so - and was quickly dubbed Gerry Dorsey by his fans. It became his professional stage name. To this day, Engelbert continues to include a bit with impersonations in his shows as reference to how he got started.


Gerry's manager suggested the new name Engelbert Humperdinck. It was just outrageous enough to be memorable. It would take a man with a secure self-image and sense of humor to pull it off. And thus was born the soon-to-be legend, Engelbert Humperdinck.


And it was Humperdinck, not Elvis, who made famous the sideburns and flamboyant leather jumpsuits. Engelbert often jokingly asserts that Elvis stole the image from him. Nevertheless, the two legends often performed one another's songs, and enjoyed a lasting friendship until Elvis' death. Humperdinck has always enjoyed a healthy rivalry with Tom Jones, and the two actually partnered for 10 years and shared a manager for many, many more. Humperdinck eventually parted company with the manager to employ his own son in the same capacity.



info from Shirley Pritchard (nee Gifford)

Francis Arthur DORSEY (b 1804, d 22 Dec 1871 Poonamallee) at 23yrs on 8 Jan 1827 in Madras married Eliza BONJOUR, children:

  1. Sarah Matilda Dorsey (b 24 Apr 1841 Kurnool)

  2. Arthur DORSEY (b 19 Aug 1849, c 16 Nov 1849 Madras)

Next Generation

Arthur DORSEY (b 19 Aug 1849, c 16 Nov 1849 Madras, d 13 Feb 1921 Poonamallee) married Rosemund Adelaide HOLT, children:

  1. James Arthur DORSEY (b 1878)

  2. J George Dorsey (b 18 Mar 1883 Madras)

  3. Alexander Ernest Patrick Dorsey (b 27 Aug 1885)

  4. Francena Elizabeth Dorsey (b 1 Feb 1891 Madras)

  5. Mervyn Albert Mattheas Dorsey (b 10 Feb 1893 Madras)

  6. Childe Harold Theolphilus Dorsey (b 20 Oct 1894 Agra)

  7. Sarah Matilda Dorsey (b 9 Apr 1897 Fatchgarh, Bengal)

  8. Alfred William Dorsey (b 18 Nov 1900 Bangalore)

Next Generation

James Arthur DORSEY (b 1878) at 31yrs on 27 Jan 1909 in Poonamallee married 21yr Margaret Violet CLARKE, (b 1888 daughter of Bernard Clarke) children:

  1. Mildred Rose May Dorsey (b 22 Jan 1910 Madras, c 8 Feb 1910 Bitragunta)

Mervyn Albert Mattheas DORSEY (b 10 Feb 1893 Madras), British Army, on 24 Oct 1931 in Perambur married Olive Janette Maria WEBBER (an Anglo Indian born 6 Jun 1899 Perambur, daughter of Charles Sinclair and Salome Lydia Webber), 10 children:

  1. Arnold George Dorsey (born May 2, 1936, in Madras, India) aka Engelbert Humperdinck. His family moved to Leicester, England,when he was 10.

Alexander Ernest Patrick DORSEY (b 27 Aug 1885)  on 2 Oct 1911 in Madras married Margaret Rosabelle COSHAN (1890-1963), children:

  1. Lillian Dorsey (1912-2003)  

  2. Melita Dorsey (1915-1936)

  3. Thelma Dorsey (1918-2003)

  4. George Dorsey (1920-2002)

Sarah Matilda Dorsey (b 9 Apr 1897 Fatchgarh, Bengal) married Thomas QINNLESS


Next Generation

Lilian Mary DORSEY (1912-2003) married Walter Gilbert GIFFORD (1898-1985) , children:

  1. Shirley Mary Gifford (b 1935)

  2. Moyra Margaret Gifford (b 1940)

  3. Patricia Gifford (b 1950)



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