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Matthew DEVINE married Evelina ?, children:

  1. James Christopher Devine (b 12 Apr 1858 Madras)

Next Generation

James Christopher DEVINE (b 12 Apr 1858 Madras) married Lydia Anne ?, children:

  1. Effie Allison Devine

  2. Marjory Devine (b 1895)

  3. William Kenneth Devine (b 1891)

James Christopher DEVINE (b 12 Apr 1858 Madras) widowed at 59yrs on 10 Oct 1917 in Bangalore married widow Joanna Magdaline WHETTON


Next Generation

Marjory Devine (b 1895) at 17yrs on 11 Mar 1912 in Perambur married 23yr Edgar ECCLESTON (b 1889 son of William Eccleston)


William Kenneth Devine (b 1891) at 26yrs on 27 Dec 1917 in Calcutta married 22yr Ethel Mercy Georgina PIERCE (b 1895 daughter of Ebenezer John Douglas PIERCE)


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