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Wilfred Denniz married Viola Remona DCruz of Tangasseri, children :


1 Justin DENNIZ

2. Kenneth Denniz

3. Lovey Fatima Denniz

4.Mervyn Denniz

5.Noreen Juliet Denniz

6.Pamela Denniz

7. Olivia Denniz

Quinstin DENNIZ

1.Qintessa Daniela DENNIZ

2.Mark Preston Ross DENNIZ

3. Marion Philip Damian DENNIZ


Next Generation


Justin DENNIZ married Ivy Lopez (from Allepey) children Kiran and Tarun Denniz


Kenneth Denniz married Grace (from Kavanad) children Kevin


Lovey Fatima DENNIZ married Martin Lopez ( from Allepey) children Vivek and  Vinuria


Mervyn DENNIZ married Avril ? from Thopampaddi, children Mitchelle,  Allen and Aaron,


Noreen Juliet DENNIZ married Christopher Thomas from Trivandrum children Andrea, Barry and Eric


Pamela DENNIZ married ??, children Arun and Varun


Olivia DENNIZ married Lloyd Rosario from Calicut children Rochelle


Quinstin DENNIZ (b1963,) married Mary Patricia ROSS (born Siliguri, Darjeeling) ,  Children:

  1. Qintessa Daniela DENNIZ (born 27/5/ 1996 Dubai, UAE )

  2. Mark Preston Ross DENNIZ ( born 6/11/1997, Dubai,UAE)

  3. Marion Philip Damian DENNIZ ( born 18/5/1999, Dubai,U.A.E)


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