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?? DeMELLO married ??, children:

  1. Mary DeMello

Next Generation

Mary DeMELLO married Peter Pascal AMOR (born in 1839 in India, was buried on 16 Nov 1910 in City Church Poona, India), children:

  1. Joseph Amor (born in 1896 in India. He was  buried on 31 Jul 1900 in City Church Poona, India).

  2. Rosa Amor.

  3. George Amor.

  4. Dennis Lawrence Amore.

  5. Leonard Amor.

  6. Ada Amor.



I would like any info I can get on a Lt. Col..Dr. Micheal John DeMello, or Lt. Col. Dr. John Micheal DeMello, who served in the Gujrat and Multan Campaigns. He was the father of Dominic Peter DeMello who was born in 1885, married to Agnes Mary Carmody (Daughter of Conway Carmody) and was the father of Cornelius Desmond Carmody (name taken from mother), who was a session Judge in British India. Cornelius Carmody was Married to Trixie Rachael Seaman, and had an only son name Patrick Carmody (my dad). Eileen DeMello <>


?? DeMELLO married ??, children:

  1. Micheal John DeMello

Next Generation

Lt. Col. Dr. John Micheal DeMELLO (served in the Gujarat and Multan Campaigns) married ??, children:

  1. Dominic Peter DeMello (b 1885)

Next Generation

Dominic Peter DeMELLO (b 1885) married Agnes Mary CARMODY (Daughter of Conway Carmody), children:

  1. Cornelius Desmond Carmody (name taken from mother), Session Judge in British India, married Trixie Rachael Seaman, son: Patrick Carmody


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