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Lawrence DeSOUZA (b.1797.), married Isabella ?, 

Lawrence DeSOUZA (b.1797.) married (2nd marriage) Eliza ? (buried Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Calcutta.)

Bridget DeSOUZA (b.1787, d.1857, buried Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,Calcutta.)

Thomas Michael DeSOUZA (b.1814) married Ellen Marie Josaphine ? in 1855, 

Thomas Michael DeSOUZA (b.1814) married (2nd marriage) ? Marco(s) 

Pascoa Barretto DeSOUZA,(b 1767 d.1856, buried Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Calcutta.)

Lawrence Augustus DeSOUZA (b.1828 d.1871) 

Clarence Edgar Anthony DeSOUZA (b. ? d. 1872) 

Walter Eugene DeSOUZA, (b.1847 d.1897)


info submitted by Liz Mill 

Annie Rosabelle (Isabelle) De SOUZA married Abraham (John) CHATER on 4 June 1883 Arrah. Children:

  1. Walter Albert Ross CHATER, (b 31 Dec 1883 Port Blair),

  2. Ida Ellen Julia CHATER (b 6 April 1885 Port Blair),

  3. Herbert Alfred Henry CHATER (b25 Feb 1886 Port Blair),

  4. Bernice Cosntance Stella CHATER (b 11 Jul 1887 Port Blair),

  5. Cyril Stephen CHATER (B28 Sep 1888 Port Blair)

  6. Annie Irene Elsie CHATEr (B7 April 1890 Port Blair),

  7. Mabel Violet CHATER (b 11 Nov 1900 Purneah).


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