D'ROZA Family Tree

with links to British India

info from Gerard DROZA <gerrydroza@yahoo.co.in> presently residing Hyderabad 9290043077

?? D'ROZA married ??, children:

  1. Rex D'Roza (b 1939 KGF)

Next Generation

Rex D'ROZA (b 1939 KGF) married Caroline Griffeth ( b 1940 Ranchi) children

  1. Gerard Francis D'Roza

  2. Elizabeth D'Roza

  3. Barbara D'Roza

Next Generation
Gerard D'ROZA
(b 1965 Goa) married Naomi Rita Shane (b 1964 Bitragunta), children

  1. Diana susan D'Roza ( b 1989 Eluru )

Elizabeth D'ROZA married Charles Denzil Plattz (Brisbane Australia )


?? D'ROZA married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Leonard Jude D'ROZA (Bunny. b 1948 kgf)

Next Generation

Joseph Leonard Jude D'ROZA (Bunny. b 1948 kgf) married Bernadette ? (b 1960 Ooty), children:

  1. Lois D'Roza (b 1977 madras)

  2. Kevin D'Roza(b1978 madras)

  3. Maryann D'Roza (b 1979 madras)


Would like to get in touch with David D'Roza / Tony Edwards or children (parents Nell & Joe D'Roza, KGF - siblings Joan, Mary, Bunny, Paul, to name a few).  Any assistance would be truly appreciated. paulandanne1@bigpond.com 

Joseph (Joe) D'ROZA, Kolar Gold Fields, married Nell ??, children:

  1. ??


info from Allen D'Roza  adroza@yahoo.co.in
?? D'ROZA married ??, children:

  1. Allen D'ROZA (born 09/06/1949, Bangalore)

Next Generation

Allen D'ROZA (b1949, Bangalore) married Hazel FLEURY (b1950, Mysore) on 05/06/1976 at Nagapatinam. Children:

  1. Alistair Edward D'Roza (b1977, Kolar Gold Fields, India)

  2. Earl Leonard D'Roza (b1980, Kolar Gold Fields, India)

  3. David Andrew D'Roza (b1987, Kolar Gold Fields, India)


info submitted by Sharon  SMACOLIN@aol.com 

?? D'ROZA married ??, children:

  1. Walter Edward D'ROZA

Next Generation

Walter Edward D'ROZA married Bernadette Genevieve FONCECA, children

  1. Ian Christopher Gerard D'Roza 

  2. Sharon Marie Anne D'Roza 

  3. Michael Kevin Floyd D'Roza

Next Generation

Ian Christopher Gerard D'ROZA married Claudette SOANS, children:

  1. Megan D'Roza

  2. Jared D'Roza

  3. Dylan D'Roza

  4. Aidan D'Roza

  5. Loryn D'Roza

Sharon Marie Anne D'ROZA married Rogelio COLIN (Mexican), children: 

  1. Ariel, 

  2. Ashley, 

  3. Andrea, 

  4. Andrew

Michael Kevin D'ROZA married Sharon GIBBS, children :

  1. Dannielle D'Roza ,

  2. Gabriel D'Roza,

  3. Darren D'Roza

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