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info from Iris  prtasiangal@juno.com

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?? D'NETTO married ??, children:

  1. James Reynolds D'Netto

Next Generation

James Reynolds D'NETTO (owned a printing press Pearl Press named after Queenie Honorine D'Netto (known as Pearl) in Allepey, also a studio that Lindely Stanislaus D'Netto (Lindey) ran) .married Gemma ??. children:

  1. Ioline D'Netto
  2. Felix D'Netto
  3. Leslie D'Netto

Next Generation

Ioline D'NETTO married Frances BERNARD of Allepey, children:

  1. Iris Bernard


info from Dr Brian D'Netto bdnetto@hotmail.com

?? D'NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Brian D'Netto (Born 16/9/1957, San Thome, Madras)

Next Generation
Dr Brian D'NETTO (Born 16/9/1957, San Thome, Madras) married Dr Elisa Marleny Cardna (Bogota, Colombia, South America), Associate Professor, International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.


info from Nicole D'Netto Email

?? D'NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Carlton D'Netto (born ?)

Next Generation

Carlton D'NETTO married Dale MUIRE, currently residing in California, USA.  children:

  1. Nicole D'Netto (born ?)
  2. Claude D'Netto (born ?)


info from aubreydnetto@yahoo.com

?? D'NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Aubrey Joseph D'Netto (born ?)

Next Generation

Aubrey Joseph D'NETTO (studied at St Bede's and at Loyola College, Madras) married Pamela SHANE (Born ?) now living in Australia, Children

  1. Nicole D'Netto
  2. Michelle D'Netto


info submitted by Terence ALWEYN terry@windsorpump.com 

?? D'NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Charmaine D'NETTO

Next Generation

Charmaine D'NETTO married Terence ALWEYN, children:

  1. Stacey ALWEYN (b Canada)


info from cherfern@hotmail.com
?? D'NETTO married ??, children:

  1. Cheryl D'NETTO

Next Generation

Cheryl D'NETTO  married Aubrey FERNANDEZ, Children:

  1. Kalvin FERNANDEZ (b Australia)

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