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info from christine de mello <christene415@yahoo.co.in

My grandfather Florence D'Mello - Born 19.2.1879-Place unknown in India, married Hilda Goodman-born maybe in Ooty or Madras and settled in Agra/Allahabad.Trying to trace great grandfather-John James D'Mello- possibly born or came into Burma in the 1800s during the war.


info from Rory Hendricks r_hendricks@iinet.net.au

? D'MELLO married ??, children:

  1. Lenora D'Mello (b 15.6.1898, d 6/12/1953)

Next Generation


Lenora D'MELLO (born 15.6.1898, d 6/12/1953) married Egbert HENDRICKS (born 22.11.1888) children:

  1. George Hendricks (born 1914)

  2. Mercy Hendricks (born 1916)

  3. Malcolm Hendricks (born 1921)

  4. Beryl Hendricks (born 1923)

  5. Olga Hendricks (born 1925)

  6. Norma Hendricks (born 1927)

  7. Rudolph (Rudy) Hendricks (1931)


info from Mark Payne mark@networkersint.com

? D'MELLO married ??, children:

  1. Luisa Dorothea D'Mello

Next Generation

Luisa Dorothea D'MELLO (b 10/7/1868) married Edward William CAHILL, children:

  1. Gladys Myrtle Cahill


info from lucydavis66@yahoo.co.uk

?? D'MELLO married ??, children:

  1. Philomena Rita D'MELLO (b 12.06.1932)

  2. Celina D'Mello (Marg)

  3. Beryl D'Mello

  4. Teresa D'Mello

Next Generation

Philomena Rita D'MELLO (b 12.06.1932) in Royapuram, Madras, married Harold Joseph ROUSE (born 11.02.1925 - died 07.07.1973). CHILDREN, Currently all resident in the UK.

  1. Alsene Rouse (Dolly) married ADRIAN GIBBS (Children:  Aurelia, Andrea and Andrew)

  2. Alfred Rouse married KIM MANN (Children:  Michael)

  3. Alister Rouse married TINA BOWELL (Children:  Daniel, Megan)

  4. Lucia Rouse (Buddy) married BRYAN DAVIS (Children:  Alison, Caitlin, Erin)

Celina D'MELLO (Marg) married ?? MOLE

Beryl D'MELLO married ?? SHRIMPTON

Teresa D'MELLO married ?? DIXON


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