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Joseph Edward D'ARCY married Mary Jane Carey(or Cary) MEALYN, children : Edward Herbert, Earnest, Nellie, Queenie

My grandfather, Joseph Edward D'ARCY, was in the English Army in 1881 and was serving in Basseine, East India at the time my father, Edward Herbert D'Arcy, was born in Bassiene on May 11, 1881.  He was later enrolled in St. Paul's School in Rangoon. His mother was Mary Jane Carey (or Cary) MEALYN. (It appears that she may have been previously married).   Joseph Edward D'ARCY was purported to be a very tall man - approximately 6 feet, 7 and one half inches, who had earlier received a saber wound to his head. In about 1889-1892, my father Edward Herbert and another boy were playing when the other boy ran into a servant carrying a large vessel of scalding water for a bath and cried out. Grandfather, in rushing to the household scene, failed to lower his head and struck the top of the door.  He died as a result of reopening the wound.   Grandmother blamed the tragedy on my father. She subsequently moved back to England leaving my father in Rangoon.   While still a young man, Edward Herbert D'ARCY changed his name to MEALIN - a purposeful misspelling of his mother's previously married name, and enlisted in the English Army for a period of years.  I have been unable to verify this. After his illegally coming to America, he enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 1911 under the name of Edward Herbert MEALIN and gave his previous occupation as Coal Miner. Prior to his marriage to my mother in 1914, he claimed his real name was D'Arcy and had his name changed. After his initial time in the army, he re-enlisted during World War I and was discharged as Edward H.M. D'ARCY.  

Other comments: Through the intervening years, mother may have either forgotten how to spell a name or never knew the correct spelling.  Father had stated he had a brother, Earnest, and sisters, Nellie and Queenie. It is said that Queenie married Campbell-Bannerman Wintle (first name unknown.) They may have been step-siblings bearing the name of Mealyn, Mealin or D'Arcy.  I have been unable to get a response from St. Paul's in Rangoon from whom I had hoped to get parental information about registration of my father.   My father died in 1925 and my mother in 1975.  I am now 78 years old, which may show why I am searching for information on my grandfather, Joseph Edward D'Arcy and my father, Edward Herbert Mealin/D'Arcy.

Mr. Fonceca, I thank you again for answering my inquiry.   Although nearly hopeless, it may be that some incident or name will be recalled by some who will contact me.

Royce Herbert D'Arcy  tennis@ticnet.com .


My Uncle Royce D'Arcy informed me that he had chatted with you (e-mail) and gave me the website address for what info he sent you.  I was just interested in adding that supposedly Edward saw his brother, Earnest, in France (around Chateaux Thierry or St Mihiel where he served) during WWI and discovered him to be a captain in the US Army artillery.  Earnest was also supposed to have been killed in WWI.  Have not been able to confirm or deny this information yet.  Also, Nellie was supposed to have been a nationally known swordswoman but no confirmation on that either.  As you can see, this is not an easy line to trace.  We're hoping that the more info on the internet will eventually shed some light on this elusive family line.   Also, the more postings we make in an attempt to get the story out, we are hoping someone somewhere will recognize the story and contact us or maybe, at least, point us in the right direction.  Thank you for you assistance to my uncle.  I have just recently taken up the genealogy bug and I think all my interest and questions have helped spur my uncle onward. 


Lianna LaLiberte
(Royce's great-niece through his brother, Edward Joseph D'Arcy)

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