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? COWELL married Hussain Breber, children:

  1. James Cowell (b 25 Sep 1824 Madras)


? COWELL married ??, children:

  1. James Duncan Cowell

Next Generation

James Duncan COWELL married Katherine Louisa ?, children:

  1. William James Cowell (b 1 Jul 1850 Amballa, India)



James Henry COWELL (b 1814, d 18 Dec 1894 Rangoon) married ??, children:

  1. James Henry Cowell

Next Generation

James Henry COWELL married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Cowell

  2. John Cowell (b 1857)

  3. Charles Reuben Cowell (b 1859 Rangoon British Burma)

Next Generation

Samuel COWELL on 13 Nov 1879 in Moulmein married Joanna Mary GLENROY


John Joseph COWELL (b 1857) at 28yrs on 19 Jan 1885 in Moulmein married 23yr Matilda COOPER (b 1862), children:

  1. Margaret Mary Cowell (b 18 Mar 1896 Moulmein)

  2. Muriel Mary Agnes Cowell (b 31 Dec 1901 Moulmein)


Charles Reuben COWELL (b 1859 Rangoon, d 28 Oct 1928 Moulmein) on 23 Jan 1883 in Moulmein married Anna Beatrice ABREW (daughter of Isaac Abrew), children:

  1. Gertrude Rachel Cowell (b 1883)

  2. Hilda Victoria Bernadette Cowell (b 1885)

  3. Pauline Cowell (b 1886)

  4. Maria Louisa Cowell (b 26 Aug 1890)

  5. Annie Sylvia Cowell (b 1892)

  6. Annie Silvestine Cowell (b 31 Dec 1893 Burma)

  7. Charles Aloysius Cowell (b 1894)

  8. Grace Frances Cowell (b 1894).


Charles Reuben COWELL (b 1859 son of Jacal Cowell) widower at 55yrs in Rangoon married 38yr widow Lilian WATTS (nee ABREW b 1876)


Next Generation

Gertrude Rachel COWELL (b 1883) at 27yrs on 4 May 1910 in Moulmein married 29yr James Walter DOWNES (b 1881 son of Thomas Alexander Downes)


Annie Sylvia COWELL (b 1892,) at 22yrs on 4 Jun 1914 in Moulmein (after the death of her sister Gertrude married 33yr widower James Walter DOWNES (b 1881, son of Thomas Alexander Downes)


Hilda Victoria Bernadette COWELL (b 1885) at 21yrs on 22 Oct 1906 in Moulmein married 32yr William BUDD (b 1874 son of James Edward Bolton Budd)


Pauline COWELL (b 1886) at 27yrs on 10 Oct 1913 in Moulmein after the death of her sister Hilda married 39yr widower William BUDD (b 1874 son of James Edward Bolton Budd)


Charles Aloysius COWELL (b 1894) at 26yrs on 27 May 1920 in Rangoon married 21yr Nora Ann D'SILVA (b 1899 daughter of William Steven D'Silva)


Grace Frances COWELL (b 1894) at 25yr on 21 Jan 1919 in Rangoon married 37yr Percy Lefton PENDLEBURRY (b 1882, son of Samuel Pendleburry)



James Andrew COWELL (b 1852, d 6 May 1928 Maymyo) married Wilhelmina ??, children:

  1. William James Percival Cowell (b 20 Aug 1882 Moulmein)

  2. James Henry Cowell  (b 27 Jul 1887 Moulmein)

  3. Winifred Alice Mary Cowell (b 12 Nov 1889)

Next Generation

James Henry Cowell  (b 1887) at 24yrs on 22 Nov 1911 in Rangoon married 22 yr Mildred GARNIER (b 1889 daughter of Alfred Garnier)




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?? COWELL married ??, children:

  1. John A Cowell (b ?? Rangoon British Burma)

Next Generation

 John A COWELL (b ?? Rangoon, British Burma) married Judith Elizabeth CONALLY, Children:

  1. Merveyn Cowell

  2. Alan Cowell

  3. Donald Cowell

All Born In Danapur Patna Bihar, still live in Patna and Danapur


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