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Cowan is a common Scotch surname in Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, and other Lowland areas. Some have declared that the surname derives from the Scoth cowan, a dry-stone-diker. Others believe it may be a corruption of Colquhoun, the common pronunciation of which is Cohoon. The name is not in records before the middle of the Sixteenth Century.(Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges, A Dictionary of Surnames, (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1988), op cit., 28, George F. Black, The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning, and History, (New York: The New York Public Library, 1946), 648.)



Maurice COWAN married ??, children:

  1. George Cowan (b 1923-1925 Madras)

Next Generation

George COWAN (b 11877 Madras) at 26yrs on 30 Dec 1903 in Bangalore married 17yr  Winifred SOUTHWELL (b 1886). Children:

  1. Enid Cowan (decd) ,

  2. Iris Cowan (decd) ,

  3. Myrtle Cowan (decd) ,

  4. Dunstan Cowan ( decd) ,

  5. Doris Cowan (decd) ,

  6. Cynthia Cowan(b1917),

  7. Anthony Cowan ( lost ?) &

  8. Renee Cowan (decd) .

Next Generation

Cynthia COWAN  (b 1917) married Joseph ROCHA (Madras) Children:

  1. Maurice Rocha

  2. Maybelle Rocha ,

  3. Arthur Rocha,

  4. Valerie Rocha,

  5. Gwendoline Rocha

  6. Maxwell Rocha.

Next Generation


Info from Lynston Cowan  ph 00233503167522

?? COWAN married ??, children:

  1. Bartholomew Cowan

Next Generation

Bartholomew COWAN married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Cowan

  2. Herbert Cowan (worked with the east India co for the railways)

  3. Morris Cowan

Next Generation

Joseph COWAN married ??, children

  1. John Alfred Cowan

  2. Bernadette Teresa Honourine Cowan

  3. Patsy or Betsy

  4. ?

Herbert COWAN married Katherine HUDSON, Children:

  1. Leslie Harold Cowan (b1946, Parel, Bombay)

  2. Herbert John Cowan

  3. Violet Cowan

  4. Richard Cowan

Next Generation

Bernadette Teresa Honourinie COWAN married Peter  Russell BIRD, children:


Leslie Harold COWAN (b1946, Parel, Bombay) married Lydia Luia Louisa de Rosario (b1948, Bombay) on 09/02/1975 at Victoria church, Mahim, Bombay. Children:

  1. Tania Thelma Cowan (b1975,Mahim, Bombay, India),

  2. Delilah Treasure Cowan (b1978, Mahim, Bombay, India),

  3. Lynston Savio Cowan (b1979, Borivli, Bombay, India)

Richard COWAN married Aloma MENEZES their children are:

  1. Buellah Cowan

  2. Arden Cowan

  3. Clive Cowan

Next Generation
Buellah COWAN married Frazier FERNANDES, children:

  1. Zeanne Fernandes

  2. Arden Fernandes

Clive COWAN married Fanny FERNANDES, children:

  1. Candice Cowan

Lynston Savio COWAN (b1979, Borivli, Bombay, India) married Serena MIRANDA (b1983, Santacruz, Bombay, India) on 28th Nov'2010 at St. Anthony Church, Vakola, Santacruz, Bombay. Children:

  1. Shinead Lysanne Cowan

  2. Caoilyn Heather Cowan



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