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Looking for anyone who knew the following people: Ruby, Dorothy (Doris), Henry (Harry), Clarence, Maurice, Margaret (Peggie-died aged 9), Michael or Lorna, all children of Henry Joseph and Elsie Myrtle Chaves. I look forward to hearing from you. Anyone else who can provide information on the Chaves family.


Ignatius CHAVES married ??, children:

  1. Henry Joseph Chaves

Next Generation

Henry Joseph CHAVES superintendent of Telegraphs, at 24yrs on 4 Aug 1908 in Dhurumtola, married 17yr Elsie Myrtle GOMES, (b 1891, daughter of Walter Gomes) children:

  1. Dorothy Chaves (Doris) b 1904

  2. Ruby Violet Chaves (b 1910)

  3. Harold (Harry) Lancelot Chaves (b & d 16 Nov 1913 Calcutta)

  4. Cynthia Marjorie Chaves

  5. Clarence Chaves

  6. Maurice Chaves

  7. Margaret (Peggy) Chaves (b 1923, d 13 Dec 1932 Calcutta, age 9)

  8. Michael Chaves

  9. Lorna Chaves

Next Generation

Dorothy CHAVES (Doris) at 27yrs on 9 Jun 1931 in Bombay married 28yr Charles Cecil OLDEN (b 1903, son of Henry Olden) Three daughters


Ruby Violet CHAVES at 24yrs on 1 Jan 1934 married 21yr  Errol Norman BENNETT (b 1913, son of Norman Bennett) had one daughter:

  1. Shirley Bennett

Henry (Harry) CHAVES married Charlotte FAULKNER, four children

  1. Roger,

  2. Lorraine Chaves (b ?, schooled at Goethals, Kurseong)

  3. Warren and

  4. Sharon

Clarence CHAVES married ? two children adopted


Maurice CHAVES married Valma ? two children

  1. Yvette,

  2. Adrian

Lorna CHAVES married Jim CHATER three children two girls and one son


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