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info from Anne Elizabeth Kibble


David BARLOW (b 1843, d 23 Aug 1915 Calcutta) married ?, children:

  1. Joseph Golding BARLOW (b 1900)

Next Generation

Joseph Golding BARLOW (b 1900) at 19yrs on 9 Feb 1919 in Calcutta married 18yrs Ivy Florence CULLODEN (b 6 Oct 1901 Calcutta, d 27 Oct 1928 Calcutta, daughter of Edward Richard and Alice Florence Culloden born 1867 d 11 Jan 1906 Fort William, sister of Eva Florence Culloden born 24 Dec 1886), children:

  1. Doreen Sybil Barlow (b 1901, d 27 Oct 1928 Calcutta age 27)

Joseph Golding BARLOW (b 1900) at age 33 on 20 Mar 1932 married 17yr Mary Erica FORBES (b 1915 daughter of Cyril Eric St John Forbes), children:

  1. Gwendoline Barlow (b 1936, d 25 Mar 1936 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Doreen Sybil BARLOW (b 1901, d 27 Oct 1928 Calcutta age 27) married ? FERNANDEZ



info from

?? BARLOW married ??, children:

  1. Freida BARLOW (b 1935 Amristar, d 2003 Glasgow)

Next Generation

Freida BARLOW (b 1935 Amritsar, d2003 Glasgow) married Robin WORSLEY, children:

  1. Glen Worsley

  2. Clarence Worsley

  3. Belinda Worsley

  4. Geonelle Worsley


info from Lynn Barlow Trevor.Jansen-Sequeira@Sympatico.Ca and and Lorraine Fernandes


My sister, Lorraine, and I are researching the Barlow Family Tree and request information on the Barlows of Calcutta/Lucknow (?). In Search Of: Ancestors/descendents of Joseph, Ulrich (my paternal grandfather), Charlie, Sunny (?), Gladys and Olive. My great-grandfather, David Barlow, died in 1915. Any information provided would be appreciated. Many thanks.


? BARLOW married ?, children:

  1. Lynn Barlow

  2. Lorraine Barlow


?BARLOW married ? , children:

  1. David Barlow (b ?, d 1915)

Next Generation

David BARLOW (died 1915) married ??, children:

  1. Ulrich BARLOW

Next Generation

Ulrich BARLOW (b ???) married Daisy FOX (b ???). Children

1. Gertrude Barlow
2. Harold Barlow
3. Rose Barlow
4. Vera Barlow
5. Mae Irene Barlow (b 1929, Calcutta)

Next Generation
Mae Irene BARLOW (b 1929, Calcutta) married Gerald Edwin FERNANDES (b 1927, Calcutta). Living at 26/1 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road (Wellesley Street), Calcutta -16. Schooled at Loreto Convent, Simla and later worked at Bird & Helgiers until retirement. Children

1. Delilah Angela D'Rozario
2. Christopher Alan Fernandes
3. Lorraine Sabrina Fernandes


(Hello , Just want to set the record straight ... I am Ulrich Barlow Junior Son Of Terrence Barlow .. Two sisters Lorraine and Lynn. I am married to Dionvanne Marquez We now have a son Mikhail Barlow ,,, ..I was named after my grand father. Appreciate you can post these updates. Thanks, Warm Regards. Ulrich Barlow )



info from

?? BARLOW married ??, children:

  1. Errol Barlow

Next Generation

Errol BARLOW from Temple Street, Calcutta, married Bernadette MADEIRA (Bernadette lived near Chandney Chowk, schooled at Loreto Convent Entally, left in 1973/74. Worked for Allen Richards and Co for a while and then moved on to Lovelock and Lewes.  Migrated to Australia in 1984.)  two children:

  1. Candice Barlow

  2. Calvin Barlow

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