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Innocent BAPTIST married ??, children:

  1. William BAPTIST (b 1831)

Next Generation

William BAPTIST (b 1831) at 22yrs on 7 Feb 1853 in Madras married 17yr Clarissa Amelia SOARIS (b 1836, daughter of Thomas Soaris), children:

  1. Thomas William Baptist (b 21 Nov 1853 St Thome, Madras)

  2. Anne Celena Baptist (b 24 Mar 1855, St Thomas Mount)

  3. Sarah Cecelia Baptist (b 8 Jan 1857 Madras)

  4. Albert Alexander Baptist (b 1 Oct 1858 Madras)

  5. Ernest Innocent Baptist (b 6 Aug 1860 Pallavaram, d 26 Jan 1929 Madras)

  6. ? Annette Clarissa  Baptist

  7. ? Mary Mildred Baptist (b 1879)

  8. ? Arthur Adolphus Baptist (b 1881)

Next Generation

Anne Celena BAPTIST (b 24 Mar 1855) at 28yrs on 9 Jul 1883 in Madras married 22yr Professor Adolphus Gregory FONCECA (b 1861, son of Joseph Fonceca, Dr. of Apothecary): children:

  1. Eve Geraldin Francis Fonceca (b 15/4/1884, baptised 25/4/1884)

  2. William Osborne Fonceca (baptised 21/2/1886)

  3. Ethel Miranda Fonceca (born 5/7/1887, baptised 30/7/1887

  4. Joseph Donald Fonceca (born 9/3/1889 baptised 6/4/1889)

  5. Eunice Neoni Fonceca (born 5/8/1890 baptised 25/8/1890)

  6. Gerard Agnew Fonceca (born 21/1/1893 died 22/1/1965)

  7. Walter Dunstan Fonceca

  8. Appolonia Merlyn Fonceca (born 9/2/1899 baptised 15/2/1899)

  9. Ronald Fonceca

Ernest Innocent Baptist (b 6 Aug 1860 Pallavaram, d 26 Jan 1929 Madras) married Teresa Georgiana ??, children:

  1. Joseph Michael Baptist (twin b 17 Nov 1894 Madras)

  2. William Ernest Baptist (twin b 17 Nov 1894 Madras)

  3. William Innocent Baptist (b 1898)

  4. Iris Zepherin Baptist (b 1902)


Annette Clarissa  BAPTIST married Albert Thomas LeFLEUR


Annette Clarissa  BAPTIST married Thomas Gregory FONSECA


(Above records obtained from British India Records Office and submitted by Roger FONSECA (E-Mail ) on 14/1/2000)


Mary Mildred Baptist (b 1879) at 20yrs on 26 Apr 1899 in Calcutta married Wilfred Hanley MADGE (b 1877 son of Evelyn Durae Madge)


Arthur Adolphus Baptist (b 1881) at 41yrs, widower, on 15 Feb 1922 in Rangoon married 36yr Nellie SMITH (b 1886 daughter of George Smith).


Next Generation

William Innocent Baptist (b 1898) at 23yrs on 25 May 1921 in Madras married 18yr Beatrice Mildred ANGELO (b 1903 daughter of Charles Hector Angelo)


Iris Zepherin Baptist (b 1902) at 18yrs on 24 May 1920 in Madras married 21yr Frank Lamos JESSON (b 1899, son of F L Victor Jesson)



info from Elise Lyn Pedersen

?? BAPTIST married ??, children:

  1. Diana Baptist (b 1851 d 1927)

Next Generation

Diana BAPTIST (b 1851 d 1927) married Harry Warrington (born 1847 died 1884), children:

  1. Adda Cecilia Warrington (b1879 Black Town Madras) married Arthur Alfred DeBrass (b 1875 d 1928 Trichinopoly India) on 29/6/1898.


info from Jennifer Rodrigues

?? BAPTIST married ??, children:

  1. Olive Baptist (b ?)

Next Generation

3 children:





I am looking for any one out there who knew my mother and father, both lived in Calcutta in the 1940's until they left in 1954 for the U.K.  They lived in and around Temple Street, My mothers maiden name was Maugy, and she attended Loretto college , my dad went to SEM in Nanital. So please get in touch if you or your parents knew them.

info from

?? BAPTIST married ??, children:

  1. Myrtle Mary Baptist

Next Generation

Myrtle Mary BAPTIST married Sydney Lawrence BRASS (b 1906, d1972,) Children:

  1. Stanley Joseph BRASS

  2. Philip Walter Jude BRASS

  3. Joyce Antoinette BRASS

  4. Raymond Arthur BRASS


John BAPTIST, apparently a drummer in the 31st. Native Infantry, married a Rebecca ?? (family name unknown). Rebecca died 9th. June 1868 (aged 62) and is buried in the Military Burial Ground of Fort William, in the diocese of Calcutta. They had four children: 

  1. Amelia Baptist, b1827 in Neemuth, India, married twice - firstly to Casey (other details unknown) and then, at age 17, to John RITCHSON (trumpeter in 1st. troop ist. Brigade), 26/05/1844 in Loodiana, India. 

  2. Sophie Baptist, b1841 

  3. Marianne Baptist, b1844 

  4. Cornelius Baptist, b1845 

Maybe there were other children also born due to the large age gap between Amelia and Sophie. Would be very interesting to hear of any other connections. Steve Taylor.


John BAPTIST married Isabella ?(both of Calcutta), children:

  1. Richmond Joseph Baptist (Baptised Feb 6 1884 at R.C.Church, St. Thomas, Calcutta, born Feb 2 1884, clerk. Rev Fr. C. DeBie)


Buried April 18 1884 at General Episcopal Cemeteries E.Circular Road, Park St., Calcutta, Frederich James BAPTIST, 29, foreman of stevedores, died Apr 14 1884 of pulmonary Phthisis. C.S.Harington, acting Minster Old Church.


(Following information supplied by Eric William BAPTIST, 18 Pensioners Lines, 2nd Cross Lane, Washermenpet, Chennai -600 021. Ph: 5248661  on 20/7/1999)


Darling Joseph BAPTIST (worked as a Special Grade Mail Guard on the old M & SM Railway, died 1930's) married Annie ? (who died 1950) : children:

  1. Walter Baptist

  2. Albert Baptist

  3. Ernest Douglas Baptist

  4. Frank Baptist worked on a small Railway around Calcutta, unmarried and died in 1950.

  5. Eva Baptist

  6. Mabel Baptist

Next Generation

Walter BAPTIST worked as a driver on the Bengal Nagpur & Eastern Bengal Railways around Calcutta. He retired and settled in Madras and died in 1949. Had 2 daughters from his 1st wife and 2 sons and 1 daughter from his 2nd wife.


Albert BAPTIST served in the Madras Police and died in 1938. Had 3 daughters and 1 son; youngest daughter served in the military Nursing Service & retired as Brigadier IMS


Ernest Douglas BAPTIST (b1892, d1993) worked on the M & SM Railway and retired in 1948 as a Special grade Chief Guard: children: 

  1. Eric William Baptist

  2. Leslie Baptist

Next Generation

Eric William BAPTIST married Dulcie WHITE (d1994), sister of Malcolm WHITE, in 1947: No children


Leslie BAPTIST married Marie ? : one daughter

  1. Florence Baptist, married & living in Bangalore


?? BAPTIST married ??, children:

  1. Rene Claudius Baptist (b ?, studied in Montfort School, Yercaud, d 20/2/07 Mumbai)

  2. Maxwell Baptist

  3. Geraldine Baptist

  4. Celine Baptist

Next Generation

Rene Claudius BAPTIST married Blossom ??, children:

  1. Dionne Baptist

  2. Maxwell Baptist

  3. Eldon Baptist

  4. Marilyn Baptist

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