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Grandfather went to India and he owned 3 estates Poomulla, Cotta Naad and Richmond. The Poomulla estate is still running and is owned by Gerry Mcleod. There is a lot history how the Atzenwilers lost all their estates. My wife is Swiss, and we visited where my Grandfather and Great Grandparents came from. They came from the village of Loomis. The Atzenwiler name can be traced to Swiss Confederation and to the Northern region of France. All this information where the Atzenwiler came from is written in the birth register where you will see my Grand Fathers name. Claude


Jean ATZENWILER (b 1817) married Antoinette ? (b 1818), children:

  1. Heinrich Ludwig Atzenwiler  (b 1849 Switzerland d 1912, aka Henri Louis Atzenwiler)

Next Generation

Henri Louis ATZENWILER (b 1849 d 1912) left Loomis Switzerland and settled in Cottanaad Estate, Wynaad, Nilgiris, India. He married ?? and had 8 children:

  1. Mildred Agnes Atzenwiler (b 1889 d11/11/1941)

  2. Juliet Atzenwiler (b 1896 d 1952)

  3. Georgina Atzenwiler (b1901)

  4. Jean Jacque Atzenwiler (b 1902 d 1992)

  5. Romeo Atzenwiler (b 1902 d 1978, a planter most of his life, died and buried on his property at Woodbine estate, Devala (near Naduvattom, Niligiris)

  6. Percy Atzenwiler

  7. Daisy Atzenwiler (b 1905)

  8. Richard Atzenwiler (b 1906 d 1991)

Next Generation

Jean Jacque ATZENWILER (b 1902 d 1992) on 31/12/1931 married Ethel MONSURATE, (daughter of Henry & Emma Rose Monsurate) children:

  1. Coralie Atzenwiler (b1933)

  2. Jude Atzenwiler (b1935 d1964)

  3. Claude Atzenwiler (Mickey) (b 1937)

  4. Bunty Atzenwiler (b1938)

Mildred Agnes ATZENWILER (b 1889 d11/11/1941) on 27/4/1910 married Henry Christian WIGGINS (b 1880 d 8/12/1961) from  Lotus Mill , Podanur, Coimbatore, children:

  1. Eunice WIGGINS (b1914)

  2. Cyril Henry WIGGINS (known as Sam, b1918) manager Lotus Mill Podanur, Coimbatore. (passed away in Manchester 1968)

  3. Vera Helen WIGGINS (b1920)

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